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Movement in second pregnancy

How far along were you when you started to feel baby #2 move?

  • 22 weeks Scubba
  • 16 weeks Steph
  • Approx 15 weeks. Teagan
  • I have a posterior placenta, so started to feel flutters at 14 weeks, but I know of others who felt earlier. With an anterior placenta it tends to be a lot later, around 18 weeks Grace
  • 16 weeks Lisa
  • I was 21w with my first before i felt any movement. Currently 30w with my 2nd & been feeling movement since 15w Carmel
  • I felt my first at 19wks and my second at 17wks Sam
  • No.1- 16 weeks, no.2- 11 weeks (freaked me out actually!), no.3- 14 weeks. Kate
  • I felt movement in second pregnancy at allmost 12 weeks Marleigh
  • I felt occasional big movements (like rolls) around 14 week and more defined kicks and things around 18 weeks Kelsi
  • 14 weeks Kintara
  • 13 and a half weeks and still waiting Sophie
  • I was 16 weeks Samantha
  • really early with no.2, I was 16 weeks Lani
  • I was around 2o-22 weeks when I was pregnant with my 2nd. I found he was most active 8th every single morning and through out the day he hardly kicked lol Kaitlyn
  • I felt my first at about 14weeks im currently 19weeks with my second and yet to feel anything Rebekah
  • 16 weeks! (currently 31 weeks and still an extremely active baby) . I didn’t feel my first kick till 20+ weeks. Binx
  • Starting feeling slight movements at around 16 weeks Elizabeth
  • Flutters at 12 weeks. Can’t wait for kicks and jabs again. First flutters started at 17 weeks Cassie
  • 17 weeks Robyn
  • Around 19 weeks just before the week 20 scan. Hiccuping quite a fair bit too Hui Hui
  • My first baby it was 16 weeks but now pregnant with second and only just started to feel at 20 weeks Fiona
  • Currently pregnant with number 2, (31 weeks) & I felt 1st movements around 16weeks I think Jamielee
  • First baby felt movement at 20 weeks. Second baby felt movement at 18 weeks, I think because I had a better idea of what to look out for. Amy

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