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Mum Anxious At Night – Searching For Baby

new mum anxious at nightEvery few nights I wake up in the middle of the night searching for my baby in the bed or thinking I’m holding her. It wakes my husband up and myself obviously! Bub is 10 months old now and sleep through the night in her bedroom. I thought it would go away with the time. Did anyone else had similar experience? When did it stop?

  • I do it with my 8 week old who has never even slept in our bed, but I wake thinking I’m squashing him in bed and am momentarily confused when I can’t find him before realizing he’s in his bassinet Candice
  • It happens to me all the time! I notice it happens if I’m really tired. Belinda
  • Omg yes I do this too! I did it with my first dd and now with my second bub who’s 3mth old! I can’t remember when I stopped with my first but I definitely started doing it again for my second Cassie
  • Definitely happened to me, eventually it just stopped happening though, not sure exactly what age bubs was when it stopped Tracey
  • I do this almost every night! He sleeps in a bassinet next to me and I very rarely bring him in (only to feed) but I wake up in a panic searching through the blankets for him! Glad to know I’m not alone Alana
  • This happened to me alot when my baby was new born. I can’t remember when it stopped, i think it might have been when he started to sleep 5 +hr stints which would have been about 10 – 12 weeks old Leslie
  • I used to do that too, mine didn’t last as long tho. I started off bringing him to my bed for every nite feed, then started sitting in his room for his feeds after that it seemed to stop happening, I felt crazy at the time but I’ve spoken to others who’ve done the same too which made me feel better about it Jessica
  • this happens to my husband – baby is 13 months and he still does it occasionally! Lisa
  • We never co slept so fairly early on…like sometime before 12 weeks. Basically I worried I fell asleep feeding. I think I found I did it more when I was sleep deprived. Melissa
  • Can’t believe this is a common thing! It’s such a weird sensation & I wake my hubby up telling him not to squash her! Currently have a 4 month old & it’s still happening Tennille
  • I do this! Our little one slept with us the first 10 weeks so I figure it’s just subconscious fear still there from that Kristy-Anne
  • I had the same experience when bub was in our room, shes been in her own room for about 4 months now and it went away about 3 months ago Zara

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