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Natural pregnancy after IVF

natural pregnancy after IVFMy first child was conceived by IVF and is now 10months old. Just wondering if anyone has had a natural pregnancy after IVF?

  • My first son was iui after 15 months of trying. I have fallen pregnant 3 times since I had him all within 3 months of trying (1 miscarriage). Nikki
  • After 3 yrs of trying, We started IVF treatment & fell pregnant in our 2nd cycle…unfortunately i miscarried prior to 12 weeks, so we went on holiday & came back pregnant! Completely natural..!! Our little miracle is 5mths old today!!
    So it can happen!!..I was told it was impossible but he’s here proving everyone wrong!! Any things possible! Good Luck! Hayley
  • It depends why you needed ivf in the first place. My ob told me at my 6 week check up that I didbt have to worry about contraception as I had no chance. Melanie
  • My cousin had her first with ivf. Then naturally conceived her second. After years of trying to fall pregnant with there first. She fell pregnant straight away with second baby. Good luck x Adele
  • Yes, twice! Don’t give up hope. Doctors are not always right. Mel
  • My partners cousin had her first as an ivf baby, than had a set of twins by ivf, than her 3rd pregnancy was conceived naturally. Teneille
  • It can happen, I know people it had happened to, however they are the minority, not the majority. I am still infertile after having given birth a year ago. Steph
  • My first was an IVF bub (MFI issues). Our second was conceived naturally when my first was around 9 months old, just as we were preparing to attempt a FET. Good luck – I hope it happens for you too. Amy
  • One of my friends fell pregnant naturally twice after ivf for the first. And within 2 years. Michelle
  • Our daycare lady had IVF twins then went back 18months later for another baby and was already pregnant! Baby 4 was IVF again. Good luck!! xx Lisa
  • I think it depends on the problem and its severity. With my problems (endo and MTHFR gene) and my husband’s (low sperm count and high morphology problems), we used IVF to conceive both of our daughters. 1st daughter took 4 years, 4 rounds of ICSI to work. She paved the way for the 2nd though as she took after 1 failed transfer in between. I think it can be easier for the 2nd to stay – not sure if that’s purely using IVF transfers or natural conception though. Lauren
  • Yep 5 years of trying then IVF with our first now 2 and a half. I’m about to pop with baby 2 conceived naturally not even trying?? Don’t know how that happened but it did! We are very happy! Due in 4 weeks. Gemma
  • I had ivf and had a baby girl, after a year we wanted a 2nd baby (we had been trying since our 1st was born and because im an “older” mummy 38 yrs old, our doctor didnt want us to try for so long) so booked into ivf clinic .. and suprisingly fell pregnant naturally . I happily cancelled the 2nd ivf procedure. i had another beautiful perfect baby girl. Carmen
  • My son was IVF and was our third attempt I was told that I would never conceive naturally after his birth we attempted three more time without success and then three and a half years later I had my naturally conceived little girl. Krys
  • I was told I’d most likely never have children because I had severe PCOS. Longest gap between menstruation cycles was over a year. We tried for a looonng time (~10 years) and kind of gave up in the end but then it happened naturally! Little man is 9 weeks old now. Yee
  • I did but the other way around. My first was a natural conception and a very quick and easy one, but I had to do IVF for the second for no explainable reason! Alana
  • it depends what your reasons for needing ivf are in the first place did you have problems or did hubby or did you both. I fell preg on our 2nd cycle bub is 4 months if it happens naturally it happens if not we have some eggs on ice lol. Michelle
  • Yes couldn’t conceive naturally for at least 8 years. Got pregnant by ivf for my baby girl. 9 months later I fall pregnant with my son NATURALLY. I couldnt believe it. We weren’t even trying. Kira
  • i was told i would find it extremely hard to fall pregnant when i found out i had sever PCOS. I went almost a year with no cycle.. i started seeing a naturopath in my area who i believe really helped me and 3 months later i got my first cycle and fell pregnant.. my daughter’s now almost 9 months old and ny cycles are slowly becoming more regular. Its worth a try. Lyndell

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