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Negativity towards piercing babies ears

I’m after some feedback on ear piercing from other mums. My DD will be 3 months old soon and I would like to get her ears pierced, but am concerned other people will react negatively due to her age. How do you cope with the negativity towards piercing babies ears.

Ear piercing

  • Perhaps consider why you want your baby’s ear pierced? Is it cosmetic or cultural? Personally I’m not piercing my daughter’s ears until she asks and then we’ll do it to mark an occasion like a birthday/rite of passage, as they are her ears. If you are confident about your reasons why you want to get them done, people comments shouldn’t bother you. If you have doubts, it can always be done at a later time. You have your daughter’s whole life ahead of her.  Kimmy
  •  I know I’ll get criticized for my opinion, but I personally think pierced ears on babies and young children look tacky and bogan. But to each their own, if you think it makes your daughter more beautiful then you’re allowed to do it. I’m going to wait until my daughter is old enough to choose before I change her body without her consent.  Jill
  •  I worked in Pharmacy and did piercing. I wouldn’t recommend a child’s ears get pierced at such a young age. I have re-pierced so many peoples ears because their parents decided they wanted their child’s ears pierced at a young age. Holes don’t close up if they’ve been pierced for many years.Ear lobes grow, so what might look perfect positioning as a baby doesn’t look right when they grown up. They other thing, the earring backing digging into them when sleeping with their head turned to the side. It’s much nicer and more exciting when a child asks for their ears to be pierced. I know someone who got their ears pierced as a baby and they hated earrings as they grew up.  Annette
  •  I guess just look at why you want to do them and then do what you think is best I personally don’t like them as they make them look like little adults and I’d want mine to look like a little girl.  Brooke
  •  Personally think its so tacky when I see babies with pierced ears. My girl can get them done when she’s older, 8 or 10. I don’t understand why you would decorate a baby with piercings; they are so gorgeous as they are! Just my opinion though, it’s your bub.  Megan
  •  You either like it or you don’t. I personally don’t see the point of why ppl pierce baby’s ears and think it would be better to wait until they are old enough to want pierced ears and it will be more special that way.   Amanda
  •  It is NOBODY ELSES BUSINESS when u get your daughters ears pierced!! Other people’s opinions are not needed. If you are happy to get them done for her, then that’s all that matters.  Sam
  •  I use to pierce ears at the pharmacy (old job) and we were not allowed to pierce ears of children under 2 especially babies ears due to the fact they grow and change too quickly. You may find when she reaches the age of 6 you will have to re-pierce her ears as they will not match up. Then you’re left with scar tissue which will hurt even more to pierce if the holes only have to be moved a fraction and clip the sides of the older closed up holes. I have no option or judge on what age is the right age, only from my past experience and what I was told about how they could not match up in later years.  Alanah
  •  Personally I could never inflict pain on my daughter for cosmetic reasons. Hard enough to watch her cry when getting her immunisations, but theres a very good reason for doing that. I have friends who have had their daughter’s ears done and I’d never judge them, it’s just not something I’d do.  Renee
  •  Too young in my opinion, getting them done at a young age – particularly at just weeks old like some just makes my head spin. Wait until they can take care of them themselves or actually ask for them.  Stacey
  •  In my opinion, yes it’s your baby but it’s not your body.  Allison
  •  Google the history of earrings and at the end of the day its your kid your choice ,but it’s also your child’s body you are doing it too ,she should have a choice, also in my opinion. i was 9 when I asked for mine to be done I’m glad i got to choose , kids don’t have the ability to reason before 9yrs.  Charni
  •  My parents waited until my sister and I were old enough to ask, now we are 27 and 18 and even though we’ve have our ears pierced since we were pre-teens we still rarely wear earrings. If I had a daughter I’d be waiting for her to ask and make a special occasion out of it. That’s my opinion though and I would never judge or criticize anyone else for getting their daughters done…Teegs
  •  Personally I wouldn’t get my little girls done until she is old enough to look after them herself also what if she doesn’t want them??? I think it should be up to my girl to make that decision when she is old enough l  Natalie
  •  Why not wait until she’s old enough to understand? That way she can choose.  Kate
  •  My daughter is 5 and I’m waiting for her to want them and make it a special birthday gift when she is ready.  Renee
  •  My dad had mine done at 6mths and while my ears were still growing they became uneven. I don’t recommend getting them done that early.  Alisha
  •  I would wait (my daughter is almost 4 she can get them done when she asks) not my body not my decision to make.  Kylie
  •  It’s your child, not your body though, why not just wait until they’re old enough to decide for themselves? That’s what I will be doing with my two. That said, I have friends whose children have earrings at a young age and I don’t judge them- it’s just definitely not my thing.  Jess
  •  As others have said your baby your choice, I had mine little girls done at 10 weeks, the younger the better, they don’t fiddle with them.  Tracey
  •  Younger is better, easy to keep clean and keep their hands away,…Natalie
  •  Had my girls ears pierced at 10-12 weeks. Used numbing cream prior and had no problems. You only get a few negatives people. Most people find it cute.  Alicia
  •  I had my daughters ears pierced when she was 4 months old. It was my decision and if anyone said anything bad I just ignored them. Not many people had a bad reaction though.  Laura
  •  I had mine done at 1 and I’m glad my parents did that for me. I can’t wait to get my daughters done but am waiting for her to stop being so rough. I think you should get them done when you feel she is ready not what anyone else tells you is right or wrong, at the end if the day they aren’t permanent and can be removed anytime.  Emma
  •  I waited until my daughter asked for hers to be done (4 & a half) as I believe it should be her decision. She knew it was going to hurt & still wanted them pierced; we still get a lot of judgmental comments that she’s too young.  Danielle
  •  Firstly do not concern yourself with others’ opinions – who cares what they think, she is your baby.. I had my older daughter’s ears pierced at 8 weeks without an issue, she is now 16. I had my younger daughter’s ears pierced at the age of 12 months, I don’t know why I left it so long, it was just something that got overlooked.. While she was ok with it, if I had the chance again I’d definitely get it done sooner rather than later, they get completely used to the earrings as an extension of themselves.  Also, we had my step daughter’s ears pierced for her birthday when she was turning 8 (at her request) and she was pretty traumatised.. To the point where she almost couldn’t get the second ear done, and they got infected.. So much easier as babies and the younger the better!   Lianne
  •  Had my DD’d done at 6 months. Had a bottle on cue. Perfectly happy within minutes. Its been great ever since. I was also worried about others opinions. Everyone has a different view. Do want ever you want to do!! I would do it again.  Shannon
  •  Do what you want! We got all of our Girls done young (not quite that young, as they are concerned about the position of the hole once their ear grows) and we never got any negativity. They don’t play with them so they heal better.  Hannah
  •  I used to do ear piercing at my old work. The only thing is ears continue growing so if it’s a millimeter off when she’s older it can be in the wrong position.. If you do decide to get it done, make sure you check the dots and get them done at the same time, 2 people, not one person doing to guns together xx  Shelle
  •  I had my daughters done at 4.5 months, and I have not had one person say anything negative, not to my face anyway (they wouldn’t want to).. But as above said, your child your choice. I think younger is better as my little one never played with hers and now nearly 1, never does! goodluck with your decision!  Carly
  •  We had our daughters ears pierced at 7 weeks. If you want to get them pierced it is your decision, don’t worry about what other people think. We had them done at cosmetics plus at Chermside.  Kayti
  •  I think ear piercing is something that should be left until they are old enough to make a decision about their own body themselves. I would not want someone doing something so permanent to me without my consent. Babies are beautiful without metal in their ears.  Kate
  •  My rule is when my child can ask for her ears pierced she can have them done. I personally dont like seeing young babies with earrings, i don’t see the point? & I’ve had friends whose bubs have ripped them out! That would be horrible! But its ur baby ur choice!  Sophie
  •  Your baby, your choice. Tell anyone with negative comments to keep them to themselves. I tell people who criticise my parenting decisions that until they starting paying for my kids and help to raise them then i will do things my way and if they don’t like it then they know where the door is.  Sharron
  •  I had mine done when I was a month old and mine are perfectly even and fine ! I would say get them done early cause when she is really little it’s less likely to get infected due to her touching them! Also the older she is the less likely she will let you do it cause she will be scared Who cares what people say there will always be some smart mouth with a smart opinion or comment that’s their problem.  Zsuzsika
  •  I had my ears pierced when I was 3 mths old and they had to be redone when I was 12 as they were crooked. Piercer said that can happen when babies are pierced.  Melodie
  •  I was against piercing baby’s ears, I thought they should be able to make their own choices. Then after 2 boys, I had a girl. Then I thought really, what girl is not going to want earrings. I heard it is better to get them done while they are young and don’t really touch them with grubby fingers. My daughters ears got pierced the when she was 4 months old, she was asleep sucking her dummy by the time I was paying and leaving the salon. Never had any troubles or infections.   Suzanne
  •  I pierced my daughters ears at 7 weeks old. She has never ever had an issue with them and now she is 3 she loves them. She didn’t cry at all when she got her ears pierced. Do what you think is right, not what other people think.  Beccie
  •  I had my daughters ears pierced just before 4 months, she’s now 7 and never had a problem with them.  Bec
  •  Ignore what others will think. Even if 90% of people agree – there will ALWAYS be people who don’t. My dd got her ears done when she was 1. No dramas.  Athena
  •  Why not wait until she wants to get them pierced I was 8 and it hurt like hell but it was ok as I wanted it.  Tash
  •  My ears were pierced when I was about 18 months old. I’m now 64. Nothing is new, you know. Just go with what you want.  Sophie
  •  I was 6 weeks old and my daughter was 11 weeks old. Do what you want not others.  Dinah
  •  Got my first done at 6 months getting my next at 4 months. They look adorable never had issues with teething or got nasty comments your baby your choice. Also one Lil squeal when gun went off and then fine.  Donna
  •  I did my daughters at age 1 – no problems whatsoever – I was done early by my mum and my daughters were same. Don’t worry about other people – younger is better as they wont play with their ears, so no infections!  Vanessa
  •  I got my daughter’s done at 11 months old. She didn’t realise they were there so she never touched them at all which made cleaning them a lot easier. It is totally your choice, I wouldn’t worry what other people think.  Kristen
  •  I would just worry about infection, pain for the baby or a potential choking hazard? If you have researched it properly ( I haven’t !) and still feel it is something you want to do, don’t worry about what people think, you will find different opinions on everything to do with babies/childrearing it’s inevitable!  Rebecca
  •  We got my daughters done for her 1st birthday. Never had any issues with them at all, no infections, no pulling at them nothing. Easiest thing I’ve done. We got a few bad reactions from friends but its everyone’s own choice.  Samara
  •  I’m only 7 months but want to get my daughters ears pierced ASAP. Is 3 months early?! I think it’s the same as everything else, do what you want and forget what everyone else says. They can keep the negativity.  Siana
  •  I did my daughter at 3 mths and know heaps that did. Its your child and you should be able to do what you like really! There’s no law against it and their skin is so soft they don’t feel it. My daughter cried for less than 15seconds n stopped. Pretty sure her needles hurt way more.  Awsaf
  •  At the end of the day it is your personal choice… For myself with my daughter I want to wait & have her make the decision as it is her body.. In saying that everyone has a reason behind why they would like to do things at a certain age no one is right or wrong.  Chantelle
  •  I had my first daughters ears pierced at 4 months (now 2) and don’t regret, she loves her earrings especially now cause my mum bought her a pair of pearl earrings just like mine and she loves being like mummy. i will be getting my 2nd daughter who is now 3 months done at 4 months as well. Honestly unfortunately these days there isn’t much in ure role as a mum that ppl won’t judge u for so dont worry about ppl and their negative comments u do what u want with your kids you and your partner are the only people who have any say.  Jess
  •  I got my first 2 girls done at that age do not regret it! They are now 14 and 12 and love them! I have never seen a girl that didn’t want her ears pierced!! And if that ever happened you can just take out the ear rings!!! My youngest is 2 and I regret not getting them done cos now I worry she won’t sit still for it!  Kristy
  •  Your baby, your choice! Its better when they are younger as they don’t play with them so the risk of infection is low. I got my DD’s ears done when she was 5 months old. She is 19 mths now and plays with them if i change them so i can imagine what she would be like if they were just pierced.  Jessica
  •  I would wait as I did with my daughters, got them done at 5 yrs old, they never got infected, my friends got their girls done as babies and have noticed when they got older that the ear rings sit too low on their lobes, but the choice is yours. don’t worry about the negative things people may say.  Marilyn
  •  it’s totally up to you whether you want to get them done or wait till she’s old enough to make her own choice. my dd is 16months n she doesn’t have hers done. I regret it, I should of done it earlier as I’m now too scared about the pain and also the aftercare as she pulls her ears when teething.  Michael
  •  I had mine as a baby done at 3 months. I know some mums have done it at 6weeks. I waited until my daughters first birthday it purely comes down to you. If want to do it then do it.  Tanya
  •  In many cultures it’s the norm. Like everything to do with parenting, people are going to judge your decision. As long as you’ve weighed up the pros and cons and made, what you feel, is the right decision, then you should be able to hold your head high and shrug off any negative criticism.  Bethany
  •  Go for it!! I had my girls ears pierced at 3 months and they were perfectly fine! They can’t move around at that age and are a lot easier to handle!  Rima
  •  I was 9 mths when mum had mine done and my little sister was 6 months. neither of us had to have them re pierced. ..neither got infected. I don’t see any problems with it. Do what you think …. its ur bub.  Shantenei
  •  Dont worry about what they think. Everything you do your judged on, and your damned if you do, damned if you dont. I have just had my 6mo ears done and she cried for a split second and they havent bothered here once since. She wont remember it and.for everyone who says ket them choose, nearly all girls end up having it done… its not a huge deal. Good luck   Sam
  •  I got my local doctor to pierce my first daughter’s ears at 7 months and my second daughter at 4 months. I definitely recommend the younger the better. As for pain it didn’t hurt them much . They got more frightened of the noise the ear piercing gun made. Both my daughters didn’t fuss over touching them because they were young and simply forgot they were there. My personal reasons for not getting them done when they are older is my husband’s sister got them done when she was 12 and would constantly touch them and it got infected so they would have to remove the earring. They had to re-pierce the ear 3 times and on the 3rd time the earring got embedded in her ear and she had to get it cut out. I honestly believe if she had it done when young she would not have had so many dramas with it.   Narelle
  •  I had all three of my daughters done before 6 weeks old… I did this because I was given the option when I was 8 and it hurt so much, I would rather not have remembered. I breasted each of them whilst it was done so that they would be comforted. I wanted to do it before they were old enough to pull at them and whilst their immune systems were up and also before they were old enough to get dirty… It’s very rare to find places trained to do them so young, so now, after being trained by a young pharmacist assistant, I have the gun and offer the service.  Dionne
  •  I wouldn’t worry about it. I personally don’t plan on having my kids ears pierced until they ask for it, that’s what my parents did. But I know people who have done it with their babies and although its not my preference I respect their decision as parents. And they are pretty too.  Dawn
  •  Did my girls when they asked at 5 as mine pulled their ear while teething I didn’t think it was a good idea for them, but your choice your baby. People are negative whatever you do.  Belinda

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