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What age is best for ear piercing?

Ear piercingEar Piercing, is there an age limit? At what age did you get your daughter’s ears pierced? What were the pros and cons of that age and do you wish you had done it sooner or later than you did?

  •  I had my daughters done at 6 weeks.She slept through it and didn’t make a sound or move and never played with them afterwards. I’m glad I did it at that age.   Bronwyn
  •  My mum said I couldn’t get them done till I was 18. She gave in at 16. Don’t plan on getting my daughters done until she is old enough to make the decision. I’d say in her teens.   Shama
  •  My mum let me get mine on my tenth birthday which looking back I appreciated because I got to be a part of the decision I never felt like I was left out for not having my ears pierced earlier either.   Gemma
  •  5months. I had mine done at 6 yrs & it was scary & hurt! She had anaesthetic cream for an hr before & didn’t notice! Loves them now she s 9!!   Briony
  •  6 weeks we are Italian so my mum took her no dramas at all she slept right through.   Daniella
  •  I think when she is old enough to make her own decision. Melissa
  •  My daughter was ten. It was her choice. I don’t see any reason to do it before they ask.   Alison
  •  Dd was 6 weeks old she never cried never infected never played with them they were pierced at a piercing place with tiny bars like tongue or belly piercings would definatly do it again at the same age.   Kylie
  •  I had mine done at three months old. The only con was that as I grew, the piercing grew closer and closer to my face so I had to take it out by the time I was five and have it redone.   Brianna
  •  12 weeks best thing we ever did she won’t remember it and didn’t pull on them etc so healed fast.   Ashleigh
  •  Whenever you want!!! It’s a personal choice – you shouldn’t have to read other peoples comments to make your mind up! Because there is always going to be two sides! People who think its unfair to do young and then people who think the younger the better! In the end its up to you!    Chantelle
  •  5 months old. No pros or cons. I felt it was a good age.   Ana
  •  I can’t speak for my own daughter, her ears aren’t pierced but I had mine done when I asked for them (about 6 or 7) and even though it hurt, I do remember enjoying feeling so grown up like getting earrings made me more sophisticated or something lol, that’s my plan too, almost like a rite of passage, doing your deb in year 11 being allowed to first ever dye my hair, when I first asked if I could wear some of my mums make up xxx I want to do it when it can be something we do together, hand in hand.   Melissa
  •  I had my eldest done at 6…I had them done at a chemist & 6 was the youngest they would do them, they wouldn’t do my 4 year old. She was great & really good at reminding me to spray her ears every night. That was about 6 months ago & no problems at all.   Nicole
  •  Our daughter is 3 and we haven’t done hers yet, we decided to wait til she asks for them, but each to there own, some ppl get it done younger so they don’t play with them… Personal choice a friend got her lil ones done just before 2 and had no problems. Goodluck with your choice.   Rachel
  •  I believe until waiting for them to ask for it to be done. Why would you do it any earlier? Let them be little! Just my opinion though.   Jessica
  •  My daughter was 4 she asked for them to be done I felt she was old enough to understand not to play with them and could tell me if she was in any discomfort.   Jodie
  •  I dont have a daughter but if and when i do i would wait till she was old enough to ask for it. her body her decision..   Robin
  •  6months. Pros she didn’t play with them she didn’t even know they were there, no infection or issues probably becasue she wasn’t touching them and she won’t remember the “pain”. Everyone is different, coming from a European background its common for us to do them young I was 3 months when I had mine done. Can’t really think of a con. At the end of the day it’s a personal choice.   Antoniette
  •  5 as she asked for them. We explained the pain factor and found a place that had two guns to do them both at the same time. I thought about doing it earlier but couldn’t bring myself to. Then she started to teethe and pull her ears so I just left it until she asked.   Erin
  •  we did both our daughters at 2. No real pros or cons sorry. I just felt that any younger was too young. But your child, your decision.   Melissa
  •  4 for both my girls. Just because I wanted to wait until they asked. It worked well, they were excited and really happy to become “a bigger girl” both girls were so brave and loved it. Was a great experience. Video taped it for them and they love to re watch it.   Danika
  •  My girls got them done in Jan they are 6. They just did Ow when the gun went through but it didnt really bother them. No infections or anything.   Monique
  •  Simply, I will get my daughters ears pierced when she asks for it. I think every person should have consent when a part of their body is altered no matter how little they are.   Katrina
  •  My daughters 7th birthday and she had to practically beg at least 3 times over 1 month and clearly understand pain and care before I took her. Not because I was against it but because I wanted her to make an informed decision.   Jess
  •  My daughter got her ears pierced when she was 5. Pros were that they were cute. The Cons were that it hurt so bad the first ear that it took forever to get the second ear pierced and then she took them out when she was 10. She hardly wears them anymore. I would’ve waited for later, when she was older and could have made the choice on her own or I would’ve done it when she was a baby.   Shasta
  •  My Daughters ears will be done. If/when she wants them. I had mine done when I was very young when mine were done and it caused massive permanent damage so I would not do it until she wanted it.   Laura
  •  At 4 and she cried heaps, would have preferred to do it earlier.   Kassi
  •  I did my daughter’s at 2, she loved how pretty they were and how she was like mummy. She’s 4 now and for birthdays/treats we go buy pairs she likes (so many kids options out there now). Pros: they do both ears at once and she was going enough not to know it would hurt do she didn’t move and the holes are straight.   Trish
  •  I think when they ask for them.   Melissa
  •  My girl was just over 2yrs old. It was a perfect time for us.. They have never been infected and she didn’t cry or anything. We will wait until the same age to get our second girls done.   Sarah
  •  Yes I agree with some of you let them ask for them , it will be a great milestone for them to feel like a “Big Girl”.. They are only little once don’t let them grow up too fast. I thought about it ,my Daughter is 8mths but she can ask when he is older. I asked to get mine done at 8yrs old so if she wants them done she can ask after all it is her body.   Rachel
  •  I don’t have girls, but mine were done for my 8th birthday, that’s when I asked for them. If I have daughters down the track I will do the same and wait until they ask. But not before they’re at least 5.   Katie
  •  My daughter is 3 and hers arent done yet. I will wait until she wants them. In saying that I have asked if she does and explained that it will hurt and she cant play with them. She says no lol   Kylie
  •  Think I was 7, my daughter is 14 months, hadn’t even thought about earrings yet! My 10 year old step daughter desperately wants earrings but her mother has said not until she’s 16.   Fiona
  •  It should the the decision of the child rather then the parent so much, the child should be old enough to say yes or no.   Kelly
  •  6 months old PRO: have had no problems with her touching them she is now 2 CON: we did have to change to screw backs as we keep losing earrings   Christina
  •  6-8 months one got infected and ended up closing up waited a while,to get them done again as soon as we went in the shop she started bawling because she remembered what happened last time,she’s 5 now and not ready to get them again”… I’m not gunna be pushy i said when she is ready she can get them done.   Anneke
  •  My dd had hers done at 9 months it was good cause she never played with them and we were able to care for them properly, never had an issue with them since.   Amie
  •  My daughter was 13 months prob should have done earlier but my ex wouldn’t let me. She only cried briefly but no issues otherwise.   Kayla
  •  At 10mths Was a good age. She actually cried more when they were putting the texta mark on her ear then when they did it. She was too young to play with them so they never came out & she didn’t get any infections. She’s now 3.5yrs and LOVES her earrings. She loves that she has earrings like mummy does.   Rebecca
  •  7 weeks second 3 months. Got them done early so they would touch them so less chance of infection also chose plastic ones so they would have a reaction.   Krystal
  •  She was 8 months old never had an infection in glad she has them done young.   Ashley
  •  7 months, applied Elma cream (topical anesthetic) half hour before and my little girl didn’t even blink an eye! She never touched them and hence no infections. My 2nd daughter is almost 6 months and we will be doing hers soon aswell. Rochelle
  •  I did both of mine a week after 1st birthday n very happy I did just short cry once done n no probs since although I did swap both to sleepers sooner than mesnt to but only because stud backs kept undoing.   Abby
  •  My daughters got there done at 1 yrs .i think it up to u when .my daughters never played with them so it was all good .i hope it helps. Tracy
  •  My friend had both her girls done for their 4th birthday. my dd is almost 3 and I don’t plan on getting hers done until she asks/ or possibly her 4th birthday too. I personally don’t think having ears pierced is that important at a young age (that is just my opinion).   Rachel
  •  I’m waiting till my daughter asks me. I think it will be nice to be able to go out together. A nice bonding experience..   Sarah
  •  Both of mine were 6months, didn’t bother them at all no tears no screaming.   Jess
  •  my girlsgot them done for their 9th birthday still one to go she is 7.   Julie
  •  My daughter was 6weeks! she was laughing & talking afterwards and all good no issues at all 100% no issues hardly did much with them either.   Tahnee
  •  Did it at 2 probably should have done it when she was a baby as we changed the earrings and then she pulled them out and wouldnt let us put them back in. We r going to wait now till boyh daughter can do it together.   Ashlea
  •  My daughter was 6 and I waited until she had asked me to get them done, it was a good age and she picked the color she wanted and it was a good mother/daughter outing.   Kelly
  •   My mum waited till us girls were 13. Cos she didnt want our earrings to get ripped out on the playground. It kinda sucked at school cos everyone else had them done. We’re gonna wait till our daughter asks for them and then make the decision then.   Cassie
  •  I got my daughters done at 4 years and 9 years when they asked for them. But wish I had have done them as young babies before they could touch them. I was forever trying to keep their hands off them and worrying about germs.   Kath
  •  I agree, wait for her to ask for them and want them for herself.   Amy-Jo
  •  My first dd asked on her 5th birthday and my second has just turned 5 and thinks she will have them when she’s 7! I think waiting till they ask is working for us.   Rebecca
  •  My daughter was 13 months! Never touched or played with them which made them heal fast and not get infected! Best choice for us and would do it again in a heart beat.   Claire
  •  My son was six months old and i got his left ear pierced. He never knew it was there n we get compliments all the time.   Kourtnie
  •  My daughter wont be until shes older and decides for herself i got to choose i was 3 when i got mine done.   Jessica
  •  My niece got hers done at age five. My recommendation would be to get larger studs as she pulled the front of the stud through from the back and it got stuck. Apparently it’s not that uncommon at that age according to the emergency department.   Karalee
  •  My eldest is 8 and I felt it was right for her to have it done for her 8th birthday. I would not choose personally to do it younger than that for my own girls.   Amanda
  •  My mother had my ears done the day before I turned 1 so I decided to get both my daughters ears done the day before they turned 1. I wouldn’t change my decision for a second.   Laura
  •  My daughter was 6 months, she cried for a minute then she was fine. No infections, she doesn’t play with them at all.   Jody
  •  My girl was 2 years old. used emla gel on her ears and silent gun at tattoo parlour. didnt even flinch and loves hers now 5 and havent found any problems except dont use cheap studs get quality.   Renee
  •  I just got my daughters done.. She was 2 and 9 months. We had planned to get it done earlier but it just put it off as no one where we love pierces ears. I don’t regret it at all. She was fantastic, she loves her earrings.   Sarah
  •  She was nearly 3. Had no infections or issues. She asked for them and helped keep them clean.   Michelle
  •  My daughter was 3months old she has never had any issues with them and is now 23yrs old.   Caza
  •  She was 12 when she got her ears done. Perfect age even tho she had a reaction to the Stirling silver so had to get gold instead. Now she’s great with them and knows how to look after them properly.   Jenn
  •  My mum got mine done cause I asked at 8 yrs old, dad still wasn’t impressed lol my ears hurt a little for a while. Hopefully when my lg asks she keeps them in unlike me.   Alice
  •  My girl is 6 and hasn’t got them done yet because she doesn’t want them done. As soon as she does she can have them pierced.   Ruth
  •  I got mine done when I was almost 8. I had been asking for years but dad refused. After they split up mum gave in and took me to get them done. …but she cried the entire time lol. I really believe it’s a personal/family decision.   Danika
  •  My daughter was 3 she asked but her dad took them out and forgot to put them back in. She had them re done at 5! Much better age as she understood it would hurt after as well my youngest will be getting hers at 5 if she ask for them.   Blair
  •  Both my girls had their ears pierced at 4-5mths old and both were fine with them. They have the newer plastic earrings. No infections at all & only a few tiny tears which I think was more because of the sound of the guns (they both had both ears pierced at the same time). A cuddle and a nurse and both were smiling for photos for us having them pierced at this age worked as our girls didn’t touch their ears so they didn’t get any infections. Neither needed any pain relief and both slept perfectly that night I’d happily recommend this age to anyone.   Michelle
  •  I am waiting till my daughter asks..shes currently 3. I have known a few ppl getting their kids done at 3 and had no problems, mine were done at 6 and were also fine. I dont think age makes much difference personally.   Angela
  •  We got my little girl done at 18 months had no problems and no tears I just recommend you go to a place that can do both at the same time.. but totally up to you when you get them done.   Belinda
  •  With my first she was almost 2, no problems and no ear pulling. My second was just over 1, again, no problems And my 3rd is 10 months and I haven’t got hers done yet.   Patti
  •  My first daughter was 14mths and was perfect timing! My second daughter is 20mths and I haven’t had it done yet, only out of laziness. I’m now worried I’ve left it too late and she will play with them now.   Alicia

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