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Overseas holidays and baby food

overseas holidays and baby foodWe are going to Phuket in a few days – baby boy is 9 month exclusively bottle fed. I’m just trying to figure out what do you do for feeding, bathing and feeding solids? Do you buy bottle water and then boil it to feed baby? Boiled water to give a bath? Did u take bottled food? So confused. Any suggestions will help heaps!! Thx!

  •  We went to Fiji when my dd was 10 mths we boiled bottled water for her bottles and washed her in cooled bottled water just from the basin no baths I was paranoid I didn’t want her to get sick. I also took packet food and she ate the toast from there. She was fine happy holiday.   Mandy
  •  Boiling water is fine for kids. Doesn’t matter where you are boiling water takes care of everything you can drink it no prob.   Jason
  •  I took Milton sterilising tablets and sterilised babies sippy cup/ bottles/ utensils etc every night. Used bottled or boiled water to Drink. Took all my own baby food. Bathed in the water there just tried to stop him putting it in his mouth (as much as you can anyway!), we had a great time (bub was 10months).   Brylee
  •  Bath in normal water, or shower with you, or the pool or beach. Boil water for bottles. Take all your own solids, orchestra, or cans or bottles . Book bassinette. Take sling for airport. Sunscreen, pram for resort. Hat, pool blow up thing for baby. Enjoy.   Fiona
  •  We have just returned from a week in Phuket with our 4.5 month old. For feeding I am still breastfeeding. But we hired a sterilizer (and pram) from a baby hire company over there and I expressed a few times so we could go out a few nights. We bought bottled water to sterilize bottles and use in the bath/sink which we boiled. You could buy a 5 litre bottle of water from 7eleven for around $2aud. We checked out the supermarket at the shopping centre and you could buy nap pies there (although we took our own) and they sold bottled jars of solids – but we could not read the ingredients and we had not started our little one on solids before we went. Having said all this we swam in the pool everyday and we tried hard to not splash him in the face and he was fine.Happy for you to inbox me if you have any more questions.   Tam
  •  I would only use bottled water for bottles. Including bottled for boiling bottles. I would wash them by sterilising on a stove of water. On the bath I would boil also but would make sure bub doesn’t drink the water at all. I would also take all my own food. Pockets would be easier than jars.   Danielle

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