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Oversupply of Breast Milk?

Has anybody had an oversupply of breast milk?Has anybody had an oversupply of milk? How did you deal with it/deal with baby being gassy and fussy, and choking/gagging on nipple?

  • I’m the same and was advised to detach bub when your letdown occurs, wait for it to slow (usually only couple of seconds) and then reoffer. Easier to say this than do when you have a screaming hungry bub though but somehow my bub seems to detach herself now and wait for the hose to reduce to a trickle lol. Storm
  • Try lying on your back with Bub lying on your tummy when feeding. Or I feed in my recliner as it reclines a fair way back. Or hold a washer to you boob to catch your strong let down and then latch Bub on Hayley
  • Also when Bub and I were out and about I would straddle her on my leg and feed her upright facing my chest Hayley
  • I had a massive over supply for the first few months. For the first 2 months or so I had to express a little off first to get bub to attach (my boobs were too hard and full for him to latch properly). I also found that if I fed one side per feed it helped and allowed bub to get to the hind milk which filled him up and also stopped him having a sore tummy. It took a couple of months for my boobs to settle completely. They do settle down!! Nerida
  • I had a huge over supply issue, I ended up expressing first and freezing the milk for use later (ended up with a whole freezer load) it made it easier for bub as my release would slow and he would feed better Cindy
  • Pump 20 mins before a feed, will ease the flow Allira
  • If it’s early days it will settle down. I fed lying down / laid back to help counteract a forceful letdown Ange
  • i saw a lactation consultant who helped me with positioning bub so she could latch properly, and was told to take bub off during let down, so she wouldnt get gassy, and then let her attach again when the supply is less ‘forceful’. I thoroughly recommend seeing a good LC, it made breastfeeding so much more ‘doable’ for us Caitlin
  • Feed lying down on your side and the baby lying next to you and facing you. It’s pretty relaxing for you and bub too! Desi
  • My supply was like that in the beginning. Midwife told me to just express that first but out as it’s usually the fastest then put bub on. Also make sure they stay upright until they’ve burped Ally
  • Lay flat on your back or recline back, it allows bub to take control and suckle without drowning Remember it’s a blessing to have an abundant supply if milk, so keep persevering! Natalie
  • I had an overactive let down and I fed bub laying on my back like in bed or practically flat on my back in a recliner, it made such a difference to the feeds it was an amazing and simple fix until my supply regulated and we could feed like normal Hannah
  • Express the first bit of your milk once you have a let down for about 20-30 seconds. Feed upright. Do that for a week, your supply will regulate then Fareshta
  • Persevere. This might sound a bit tough lovey but keep at it. With a newborn and floppy head it is hard learning how to position and then on top of that have oversupply is stupidly difficult, on top of learning baby and sleep deprivation. If you can hand express some of the foremilk out, great! This will start your letdown and the engorgement will fade before feeding. If not PERSEVERE! There is light at the end of the tunnel. I had fast letdown and engorgement with my LG who is now 2 and a half weeks old. She now sucks the start of let down, and when I am overfull (like in the mornings) and removes herself. She taught herself this, I did not. Babies learn quickly and this whole breastfeeding thing is a learning curve you are both on together. You can do it mama, your baby will help you! When in doubt, infacol is your friend for gas. It doesn’t take it away, it just makes it easier to come up Dannielle
  • Look up block feeding. Worked great for me Lynnette
  • I was told to express a little first and then feed bubs as i had oversupply and fast flow. After a few weeks it settled down Ashlea
  • i express 30-60mls off first until nipples can be shaped better and then feed laying back to try and slow the flow! We do baby massage and stretching to help with gas Ellen
  • I used to express a little before a feed. Be careful tho doing too much – I actually made the problem worse by expressing too much until I got the hang of it. The more you use the more you make. You just want to take a little of the pressure off so it doesn’t gush out. Nicole
  • Block feeding, feeding on your side, taking bub off for the let down- these things all helped but unfortunately my bub still got lots of wind. Only time helped with us, she couldnt cope with the letdown (laying side by side) until she was 4 months old! She still chokes on the let down if i feed her sitting up and she’s 5 months. Just make sure you are not feeding her from both sides in one feed, its one of the biggest mistakes you can make with an oversupply- make sure she empties one side first. Kea
  • At first yes. I pumped off the foremilk leaving the fatty hind milk which is slower Louisa
  • I just seen a lactation consultant and the gagging is due to the milk coming out fast and sometimes like a sprinkler. She told me you need to ensure bubs head is tilted back to make the milk flow down their throat. If their head is straight or facing down it makes it hard for them to swallow and choke. When feeding sitting or standing rather than hold them in both arms in a straight position across / under your boobs. Have the babies head on your Breast and then hold them on an angle so their bum is sitting on the opposite hip. The best position to have them in so its easy to understand the appropriate positioning is if you were feeding them laying down. Hope that makes sense. Tamsyn
  • I have oversupply issues and I find that if I take baby off the boob a couple of times each side during feed and burp then nothing stays trapped. Worst feed of the day is first one as I am full from overnight. Feed one side till drained then other side next feed start on side finished on from last feed then boobs are drained properly – no mastitis. I am currently feeding my third child and I have finally work out how to manage oversupply issues. Keep burping during the feed and hopefully baby will learn to manage fast flow and lots of milk. I never express as it stuffs up my supply and demand baby gets what he needs straight from me Natalee

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