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How to increase milk supply

I need something to help with how to increase milk supply I have heard fenugreek is good and I’m trying constant breastfeeding. Anyone with ideas to boost breast milk supply please?

Experiences when Milk comes in

Q&A: I only gave birth 4 days ago and my milk has just come in about a day ago. I haven’t been able to express or breastfeed due to the pain. Anyone else been through this? What were your experiences when milk comes in? Any tips would be appreciated as they are very painful

Oversupply of Breast Milk?

Q&A: Has anybody had an oversupply of milk? How did you deal with it/deal with baby being gassy and fussy, and choking/gagging on nipple?

lactation cookies

Lactation Cookies Recipe

Lactation Cookies are a specially designed biscuit to boost milk supply in breastfeeding Mums. Stop worrying about low supply and boost your breast milk with these yummy treats! Tips on …

Lactation Cookie Recipe

Hey, just wondering if anyone knows where I can find a good lactation cookie recipe and if they can be frozen (either cooked or uncooked). I’d like to make some …

I’m on empty! I need more milk!… Or do I?

Expert Tips: Lactation consultant shares tips on how to know if you have low milk supply and how to increase milk supply

Dealing with low supply

Q&A: My son is 11 weeks old I’m breast feeding and in the last couple of days I haven’t been feeling my breasts fill up like normal, usually they noticeably fill up! He has been feeding more often since yesterday, I’m guessing that is just another growth spurt but it has been a couple of days that I have noticed them not filling up so I know it’s not due to him feeding more often. So what I’m wondering Is, is my milk supply getting low? Has this happened to anyone else?

drying up milk supply

Drying up milk supply

Q&A: Help!! I have decided to stop breast feeding. Now im really sore I have been expressing when I can but I had to go out today so it hasnt been done much! My question is what can I do to help with the pain and to stop my milk production?