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Placenta praevia

Complete placenta previa occurs when the placenta blocks the opening of the cervix.  During labout the cervix usually dilates, allowing the baby to move out of the uterus.  Complete plactenta previa means the entire opening of the cervix is blocked, preventing a vaginal birth.

Symptoms of placenta previa

The most common symptom of placenta previa is unpainful vaginal bleeding.  Bleeding requires immediate  investiagtion by a doctor to determine the exact cause.  

More details about placenta previa by the team at Mater Mother’s Hospital.

(Medical disclaimer: Tips provided need to be considered in conjunction with medical advice. For immediate concerns, please contact HealthDirect (Australia wide) ph 1800 022 222 – to talk to a registered nurse 24hrs a day, and in emergencies call 000.)

What is your experience with complete placenta previa

Hi Baby Hints and Tips Community, I would love some advice on complete placenta previa. I’m 20 weeks and My Dr has just told me that my placenta is centered over my cervix and in her opinion when she sees it like this it doesn’t move. I do go back for a scan at 32 weeks just in the off chance it does move.


  • I was in your position at 19 weeks and was told the same.. I bled at 16 weeks, 25, 32 and in the end my placenta moved just enough to allow natural birth only to be told my son was breech, also another effect of placenta praevia or low lying placenta.. he was still breech @ 37+6 and luckily he turned and I got the natural birth I wanted.. so good stories do come but very rare so I was told.. goodluck and which ever way it goes hope you and bub are all good
  • I had complete Placenta Previa with my second baby but in my case the placenta was not centered. It was fully covering the os but the left side of the placenta was the covering part. At 35 weeks I had a fairly big bleed but with rest all was fine. I had a c-section at 38 weeks. We were told all the risks….such as haemorrhage which could be dangerous to both mum and bubs but thankfully both of us came through it just fine. I did require a blood transfusion though. (P.S my daughter is now 11 and graduated primary school today). I had Partial placenta praevia with my 4th baby but in that case the placenta pulled just out of the way and I was allowed to have a vaginal birth with careful supervision and it was fine.
  • My story is pretty much the same as above. My placenta had moved at 34weeks and my bub turned at 37weeks
  • Not me, but my mum had placenta previa with her fourth baby. She was told it would have to move 6 inches to allow a normal birth, and that this was impossible. She was booked in for a C section and had a scan the same day… which found the placenta had moved EXACTLY 6 inches. Drs said it was a miracle at the time (dunno if it really was miraculous or whether they just didn’t have much faith in nature!). She then went on to have a home birth.
  • I had placenta previa and my sister did as well and we had the 32 week scans but we had ours move by then, I generally find most peoples move.. Good luck
  • I had placenta previa. 27 weeks i had a really big bleed was in hospital for 3 days and was told to be prepared for my little to come now. I had steroid injections to try and improve bubbies lungs. He ended up staying put until 37 where I had a c section. We were told the risks and I was very comfortable with my doc and had no worries. Hope all these comments put your mind at ease and you enjoy your pregnancy xx
  • Thanks everyone for you help. I have my fingers crossed that the placenta will move 🙂 Its being in hospital for 4 weeks before the baby comes which is worrying me the most because I have 2 little ones at home already. but what will be will be and as long as both baby and I are fine then thats all I can ask for. Thanks again
  • I had placenta previa with my first child, was picked up in my 13 week scan and stayed there until my 35 week scan, was told everything would go smoothly because it had moved, but at 36 weeks i had a major bleed and ending up having to have an emergency c-section. everything went smoothly though and my daughter was healthy and we were both able to go home after 5 days (they kept me in hospital longer because it was my first child and I was a young mum so they wanted to make sure I was recovered abit more than usual)

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