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Post Natal Depression after a Premature baby

Post natal depression after premature babyJust wondering if any mums have suffered post natal depression my son was born 11 weeks early and has just gone 6 months and I’m only starting to suffer now any suggestions on what I should do would be appreciated

  • As what others have said, get help from your GP as soon as possible.. Test thyroid first, then consider a mental health plan which allows you 10 sessions with a psychologist through Medicare.. Also Lexapro helped me.. I sought out help from when my bub was 8 weeks old as I knew straight away there was something wrong. She’s 6 months now and I’m on the way to feeling like myself again. Antidepressants took a bit of experimenting with unfortunately before I found the right one. Also, I spoke to an info line that are based in melb but operate nationally – PANDA. Thay have helped me so much, can’t recommend them enough, they work from 10am-5pm weekdays and all the counsellors are so helpful and understanding. PND happens to a lot of women, just not enough talk about it unfortunately. My mantra is “I will get through this”. You will too x Stefanie
  • Go see your gp and get assessed, consider seeing a psychologist and if it’s bad don’t be ashamed to take medication my daughter was 18mths before I sought help and I think it was my biggest mistake I should’ve started earlier Nell
  • Definitely go see your gp ASAP! Having a bub can be stressful at the best of times, so there’s nothing to be ashamed of, especially given what you’ve been through. After months of a severely refluxy baby who doesn’t sleep (not to mention a busy 3 year old) I succumbed to Pnd when my bub was 7 months old. Two months later with support and medication I’m feeling better, dealing better with the sleep deprivation and getting back some motivation. If you’re in Victoria I recommend you contact your local public mental health service and refer to their perinatal mental health program. It’s free and a mental health worker will visit you at home and help you navigate this difficult time. Much easier than trying to get out to another appt with bubs and financial easier if you those constraints too. Ive found it really helpful. Also don’t keep it to your self, make sure you tell people how you feel. It can take a weight off to share it. Good luck Jodie
  • Ur GP can provide u with a mental health plan which means u get 10 sessions with a psychologist covered under Medicare (check for any gaps though!) please go chat to someone and definitely consider meds. It just takes the edge off, bring a mum is hard enough what ur going through is that and a lot more! Good luck xx Erin
  • I found getting out of the house helped a lot. Even just a walk for 10mins with bub in a carrier or pram. The fresh air and Vit D from the sun were a huge help. But if you are finding things really difficult you should talk with your doctor. Rhiannon
  • Go and see your doctor ASAP. It’s so important to seek the help you need, cos if mum isn’t feeling right, baby can sense it and it becomes a vicious cycle. I was already on antidepressants throughout my first pregnancy, but as soon as I realised I wasn’t coping when bub was about 12 weeks old I upped my antidepressant dose and started seeing a psychologist. Was my saviour. Good luck, it’s horrible to feel down at a time when everyone around you expects you to be on top of the world! Athelie
  • Yes I was diagnosed 2 weeks ago and my boy is almost 5months old. I was in denial about it. Im on antidepressants now and have gotten motivation back to exercise and do things around the house. Definitely see your dr. Wish I had done it sooner. All the best. Melissa
  • Speak to you doctor and beyond blue. I suffered with post natal depression with my first. He wasn’t premmie but did spend time in SCN. It is really difficult going home without your little one. Hope you get it sorted and feel better soon. Sarah
  • My first born was 2 before I started suffering go to your dr and also book in for counseling your not alone and trust that there is nothing wrong with needing a little emotional help goodluck and feel free to Pm me if you ever want to just talk Ruth
  • Sounds perfectly reasonable that you could be suffering from some depression – things have been pretty full on for you I imagine. Most importantly – good on you for realising something isn’t right and reaching out! Find yourself someone to talk to. Hopefully you have a good GP who will support you through this. Hang in there – with the right support you will work through this and come out the other end! Thoughts are with you. Penny
  • my bub was 4 weeks early and is now 7 months. I seen a doctor, best thing I did, I felt so down that I felt like I needed to talk to someone so badly but after seeing the doctor who put me on medication, feeling so much better and beginning to feel my normal happy self again. Dr, may consider putting you on a mental health plan aswell and send you to talk to someone. Steph
  • My son was born premmie too, I went and spoke to a counsellor who specialises in birth and pregnancy trauma. It was great to speak to someone who could validate my feelings and let me know that what I was feeling was normal for someone who has had a difficult pregnancy, birth and lived through a NICU journey. I’m based in Brisbane but I’m sure there are others around. Feel free to pm me for kore info or for support x Lisa
  • Talk to your doctor and ask to have your thyroid checked and if that comes back clear, get a referral for a counselor or psychologist. An under or overactive thyroid can sometimes mimic PND. I’ve had both the thyroid issue post baby as well as PND. You can’t know the difference Teagan
  • I did with my first for two years.This was a long time ago and things have changed since then Thank goodness.But the feelings are the same.Go to your gp as soon as you can.Talk to someone close that will understand.If you can ,have some time out with a friend .Do you go to playgroup because this might help.Go for a walk if you can.You are not alone even if you feel like you are.Big hugs and lots of love sweety.You will get through it.xxxooo Kerry
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help!!! This is very common, but so many women suffer in silence, ur not alone!! Make sure u take time for urself, don’t feel guilty About wanting that, ur human, and even though this is a wonderful time, it’s also, stressful, time consuming, sleepless, helpless, crazy and u can feel very very lonely. There are help lines too. Try not to be hard on urself, no one is perfect. Do u have family or friends who can help out? Seriously, don’t be afraid to ask for help!!! Goodluck, ur doing great, the 1st step is recognising it!! Well done!! Xx Perri

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