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Pregnancy after placenta abruption

pregnancy after placenta abruptionI would love to hear from those who suffered a placenta abruption during pregnancy and have gone on to have other pregnancies. Just wondering what your experiences were in a pregnancy after placenta abruption.

  • I had the same thin lost a baby boy at full term in 2009 since then have had another boy healthy but had extra check ups all threw the pregnancy and was induced 2 weeks early I also had another bleed and went into surgery to stop the bleeding hope it helps Tracee
  • I had a placental abruption in 2011 at 25 weeks with my twins. They survived for a week in the NICU before their fight for life was too much. I went on to have a daughter in 2012 and another set of twins in jan this year. I was monitored very closely in both pregnancies as I was extremely anxious but there was no issues related to my previous abruption. Mari
  • I had a pregnancy six years after my placenta abruption( my baby survived but also had other complications with breathing difficulties) I was monitored a lot more, lots of medications/ blood thinners as I was classed as high risk. From 30 wks I had twice weekly fetal monitoring, weekly ultrasounds and weekly visits to OB. I became anxious during the week my previous abruption occurred but was supported by my OB. I chose an elective c-section and felt in control ( after having no control previously) & our little baby has healed my heart and completed our family. Leah
  • We lost our twin boys at 20 weeks due to placental abruption. The subsequent pregnancies have been fearful and a difficult journey but one thing I’ve learned from this is that every pregnancy is different. I carried one subsequent baby till term after and now 32 weeks with my next. So far so good. Just be and take one day at the time. Please contact me if you want to have a chat. Wishing you all the best Debbie
  • I had a placenta abruptions , previa , and pre eclampsia with my first born at 29 wks 7 years later we had another bub was on baby aspirin and very close monitoring was in and out of hospital for scares but was fine , had tummy pains at32 wks went in yo be checked had a massive abruption my little boy was born very healthy at 32 wks straight away , he missed out on nicu for 2 wks then contracted nec Kristy
  • I had an Abruption at 36w and 6d and lost our daughter. Just shy of what would have been her first birthday, we found out we were having another baby. It was definitely a scary time. I couldn’t let myself think that he would come home after losing our daughter but we used the same obstetrician and he knew our history and wanted us to bring our baby home, as much as we wanted to. Our son was born at 37w and 3d via planned ceasarian and my placenta had started to deteriorate by then but there was no way of knowing if it would have resulted in another abruption. I’m just glad that he came home safely with us. Teagan
  • I went on to have 2 more children … U get monitored closly have more test compared to a “normal” one but all worked out no. 2 was 9 days late and no.3 was 2 weeks early both ended with c-section but was ok they were happy n healthy and didn’t have any issues . Trudie

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