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Raising a Vegan Child

raising a vegan childHave any parents successfully or attempted raising a vegan child from birth? Hints, ideas, experiences, information? (Not looking for pros v cons or negative opinions and will be using help of a dietician.) Thanks


We strongly suggest consulting with your doctor and or dietician before starting  a vegan diet to ensure it is done safely.

Comment below with your feedback on raising a vegan child.

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  1. AvatarPurdi Rademacher says:

    “Vegan for Life” by Jack Norris & Virginia Messina is an excellent resource for nutritional information- I use it all the time for myself, but it also has chapters on vegan pregnancy through to raising vegan children. It is written by 2 dietitians 🙂

  2. Avatarjanine Quinn says:

    I’m not sure what exactly u want to know but feel free to pm me any questions u have or add me as a friend. I have been vegan 3 years and had a totally vegan pregnancy and am now raising my 9 month old as a vegan. He is thriving. He is also still breastfed.. Get regular blood tests to make sure u aren’t lacking in anything and have the majority of your baby”s diet coming from fruit and vege. U can track all their micro nutrients in what they are eating daily in chronometer if u are worried they r missing out or lacking in vitmamins and minerals etc. I supplement at home with b12 as u can’t get that in any way on a vegan diet but that is all I supplement with. My other levels are all fine. My baby has always been in the 75th% + for height and always over the 50th% for weight so no issues there. If u have Instagram follow my friend lonijane who is raising her boy rowdy vegan as well. Also follow ellenfisher she has a vegan toddler who is predominately raw vegan and she is due to have her second baby very soon. Her second vegan pregnancy. Please pm me if u want to chat 🙂 x