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Shupeas Shoes – Toddler and Baby Product Review

ShupeasShupeas adjustable baby shoes come beautifully boxed and are adorable. Made of soft suede with gorgeous designs, they are both aesthetically pleasing and practical. One size expandable and adjustable patented design offers a customised fit for babies up to 18 months!

Review 1:  Shupeas 0-18 month shoes for girls. Silver Glitter.

What are your favourite features?

I absolutely adore the design and style. They look so sweet and match most of her outfits.

Would you recommend this to a friend?

Yes, the fact the are adjustable is great as it grows with your baby and you get more wear from them.

General comments

Adorable and eye catching shoes people have not stop commenting on. They look super cute on little miss 9months. She loves them as the glitter in the sun and catch her attention. Easy to put on and adjust. I love that they are not made from real leather as they are Vegan friendly. On little miss 9months her feet were a little wide in them.


Review 2: Boys shoes

What are your favourite features?

Easy to adjust, cute designs, soft but non slip soles. quality material, well made, longevity.

Would you recommend this to a friend?

Yes, especially over the winter months. I think I’ll get a lot of use from them with my son learning to walk over coming months while keeping his little tootsies warm!

Product design and cost

I would baulk at paying this amount for a pair of shoes, but these aren’t just a pair of shoes; they are an adjustable soft soled shoe that can be worn during multiple stages. Given this, they are surprisingly good value for money. For small babies they are a cute pair of breathable foot warmers. For crawlers, being adjustable, they stay on longer than many other shoes my son has a habit of shedding as he goes, and they’re soft and comfortable against his toes. When he stands, the non-rigid design ensures that his feet are in their natural and optimal position, and the non slip soles keep him from slipping while he discovers what his feet are for.

General comments

My children both have very large feet (my three year old is a size 11), but there is still room for growth in the Shupeas both length and width wise with my fat-footed almost 10 month old. They would also fit my friend’s petite footed 3 year old daughter!

Shupeas available here

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