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Which Sippy Cup?

We want to know your thoughts on SIPPY CUPS . What’s the best sippy cup for a 18 month who still has a bottle in the morning and before bed? Want to transition but want a free flowing sippy cup

which sippy cup

  • the Tommee Tippee “Explora” ones are the best imo! well worth the money! Sarah-Kate
  • We find take and toss work well Amy
  • I use Take and toss Tamara
  • B.Box Jaime
  • Heinz! Jackie
  • Take and toss Veronica
  • Take and toss! Katie
  • I wouldn’t recommend a “free flow” as they spill. I’ve got soooo many sippy/straw cups, and my son prefers just the cheap big w/woolworths ones. Tiffany
  • Tupperware when at home normal poptop when out and about but I’m pretty sure she was using a normal cup a lot earlier than 18 months Kate
  • try pigeon, available at chemist warehouse etc can go from a bottle to sippy cup to a straw cup (grows with bub) all you need to do is but the new lids Randall
  • Its a non spill straw sippy cup…. BUT my son would never drink water from a bottle. His had Nuby straw sippy cups since about 4mths old. Now 17mths & still loves them!! … I dont like the new design but have the old design & just replaced the straws Sheena
  • We use the take and toss. Still do and he is 3! Kay
  • I liked the Nuby as they are soft on the top flowed easily but didn’t spill Jessica
  • I use a soft teat style one from big w. It still free flow. This is just for milk and has a drink bottle for water Niki
  • My 14month old didn’t even notice I had thrown out the bottle when I replaced it with the $12 explorer cup from Coles. Also alternates with the Tommee Tippee. Pamela
  • I tried all the expensive ones but found the cheap ones from Kmart the best Lyndal
  • Tommee Tippee are excellent Maria
  • I love using Heinz sippy cup. You can get them from Coles and reasonably priced. Free flow is definitely the way to go, the cups with the no spill valves are a crock (in my opinion), they’re very hard to suck liquid out of. Kelly
  • I bought a ton of $3 non spill sippy cups from Kmart and threw away all of her bottles. The no brand cheap ones from Kmart are fantastic! Easy to drink from, easy to clean (especially after having milk in them) and non spill! If your child still has milk in the cups you need to make sure it doesn’t have a million nooks and crannies so it’s easy to clean Nicky
  • I like the Woolworths ones, simple and easy to clean, don’t spill. 2 for $6. Bethany
  • My son loved the Nuk one!! lasted a long time also Alana
  • We tried so many throughout both our babies Best ones we’ve found are the take and toss ones Jennifer
  • My son was using a plastic cup with a handle at home and out and about a drink bottle with pop top lid Brittany
  • Our girl loves the ones from Ikea with the doggy faces on the lid. Jessie
  • I pretty much skipped over sippies and went with straws (earlier than 18 months) – take and toss – they last forever. To reduce leaking, you need to put the straw in once the lid is on but so much cheaper. Rosalie
  • Take and toss Dee
  • I find the nubby sippy cups with the soft top good or milk and the nubby sippy with the straws good for water etc Emma
  • I must have bought a thousand sippy cups but the ones my little boy liked were the pigeon mag mag, the B Box with the weighted straw, the Tommee Tippee flip top straw cup & also the Tupperware one which he used when a bit older. He never took to the ones you have to tip up so we went straight to straws at around 8 months and didn’t take him too long to figure it out! All these were free flowing too and we’ve never had any issues Gina
  • I just got a drink bottle with a pop top lid from Woolworths for my 18 month old. She’s great with it. She knows if she tips it that it will spill, so we haven’t had any major spills. Rochelle
  • Take & toss ones were great. Until my 2 yr old figured out to squeeze the cup & pop the lid off & spill her drink everywhere. Now I have sippy cups I got from target, they have a screw on lid & change colours when you pour in cold liquid. Don’t know the brand but they’re as good as take & toss but with a screw on lid. And you only get 2 in a pack. They have a hard plastic mouthpiece like the take & toss cups but there’s a tiny rubber valve inside so the don’t leak if it’s dropped on the floor. Tammie
  • Tupperware sippy cup. Sonya
  • Over at www.namemystuff.com.au I sell the Baby Nova sippy cup which is great (and doesn’t leak ;)) – will also say that an 18 month old could be old enough to start drinking from the Contigo Striker bottle which is through a straw. Tea

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