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Moving straight from BF to a sippy cup

Has anyone’s baby gone from breastfeeding straight to a sippy cup? My 5 month old won’t drink my expressed milk out of a bottle. We are using the closer to nature brand. Is it really necessary for her to be able to take a bottle or when she’s ready to be weaned is it possible to go straight to a sippy cup?

straight from breast to sippy cup

  • I went straight from breastfeeding to using a sippy cup, never used a bottle. Sonya
  • My son would not take bottles either. I tried every bottle and soppy until I found one he loves! Its nuk and I has the silicone top to where he can drink from any place on the cup.”just like the as seen on TV cups” It doesn’t leak. And he loves it. I love it! Meagen
  • Straight to sippy cup is fine! My 6 month old has never touched a bottle Gennevieve
  • We went straight to a sippy cup around 6 months with no problems. My little one never took a bottle. Nursed her until 18 months. Alyssa
  • My son never had a bottle we went straight on to a cup for him when he started to drink, that way,we didn’t have to double wean him. Jody
  • My son went straight from breastfeeding to sippy cup Elise
  • Both my kids were/are breastfed. Neither have ever had a bottle and went straight to sippy cups. They started around 5 months. A friend tried every bottle imaginable for her breastfed daughter when she went back to work at 5 or 6 months, and in the end her daughter only took milk from a sippy cup. If you can skip the bottle, it saves you having to wean them off bottles later! Michelle
  • I went straight from breast to a proper cup. Babies can drink from a cup just as easily and they quickly get the hang of not spilling it down themselves. Alex
  • Sippy cup is great! Why make them get attached to a bottle when you’ve got to take it away in a couple of months anyway? One less thing to worry about Kylie
  • My daughter went straight from breastfeeding to a straw cup at 7 months as she wouldn’t take a bottle or sippy cup…. Do what works for u Kelly
  • My first baby would not take a bottle I tried just about every bottle/teat going he went straight to a sippy cup and had to be one of the hard kid ones(the cheep ones they usually come in packs of 2) I think he was only 6 months Tammie
  • My son does take bottles but we use an ordinary plastic cup for water after his meals, he won’t use a sippy cup! Started doing this with solids at 6 months. Sarah
  • Nothing says you need to use a bottle Hayley
  • Try a bbox sippy cup they have a weighted straw so you can tip them up like a bottle my son took one from 5 months only started taking a bottle at 13 months when I fully weaned him Sarah
  • Yep, straight to sippy cup as my 6 month old refused to take a bottle after about 10 weeks old. We started the sippy cup at about 4 months old & has the hang of it now at 6 months. He won’t take it over night though, only wants breast! Janelle
  • Yes, I had the same issue and yes we went straight to sippy cup. You obviously have to help but it works fine! We even had to take the stopper out because he wouldn’t suck from it, just sip. Kasia
  • My 8mo refused the bottle so went straight to sip cup. I your little one takes it then go for it. He now drinks milk from the cup too but never would from the bottle Jaime
  • Yes mine has. She hated the two bottles I’ve tried her with but she loves her brother max 4 in 1 sippy cup. I got it on eBay, it converts from a sippy cup to a regular cup. It looks like she’s going to be a little miss independent like my mum has always told me I was. Apparently my catch phrase when I was a toddler was “I do myself”. Lol. Be thankful as it will probably make life a little easier on us as parents. Although it may be a little more frustrating for our bubs as they find they can’t do all they want to as quickly as they would like to be able to. Heather
  • Yes. 5. 6mths (taking everything off the floor into mouth!) 6. Told them not to. Cat
  • Oh goodness yes!! My son would not have a bar of expressed milk in a bottle….tried everything! Then at 5mths we gave him a Tupperware sippy cup (of all things) and it worked!!!! Rebecca

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