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When to Start Baby on Water

start giving baby waterWhen can you give your baby boiled water by itself and how much of it can you give at once?

  • Once they start solids. Whether you’re breastfeeding or bottle feeding, both have the perfect amount of water your baby needs until solids are introduced.  Jessica
  •  If you’re fully breastfeeding increase your fluid intake to increase bubs intake.  Niki
  •  You can give water from day one with a formula fed baby. With breastfeeding it’s not necessary, but you can on hot days if you feel you bub is not feeding any extra on those hot days. They are little human beings and are made up of water just like us… The more chemical foods we pump through our bodies the more water is required to flush is through and out. If you are formula feeding then it is very important to give additional water to help ease their little systems.  If you are breast feeding then your body actually adjusts with the temperature of the environment you are in and provides exactly what they need and more or less frequently.  Dionne
  •  Gave it to bub since he was two weeks (hot & constipation) doc and chn both said it was fine.  Carly
  •  3rd time mum here my 3.5 mo got hold of her big sisters water in a cup with straw, she gave it a few sucks, that was 2 days ago and she’s fine.  Rebecca
  •  Can give from day 1 in very hot weather, but definitely offer some when starting solids.  Fiona
  •  We were stuck in a heat wave over Christmas so I was giving it to my then bf 3mo daily – otherwise he was cranky and a bit unwell. He just drank as little or as much as he needed. He coped fine!  Aleisha
  •  If breast fed from about 4-6 months (when you are introducing solids a few sips from a cup). No more than 30-60ml in a 24 hour period or you risk water intoxification. And no baby under 2 months should really be given water as it fills bub up without any nutrition or calories.  Jordana
  •  After six months if they are formula fed, offer it with meals & as they get older offer throughout the day. They’ll drink what they need. For breast fed babies they don’t really need water. But you can offers small sips with any solid meals.  Gabrielle
  •  My daughter had it from birth… Only approx 4mls at a time but perfectly fine…  Cassy
  •  When you start weaning – that’s when we started and just sips.  Charlotte
  •  From 6 months as told by my CHN.  Nathalie
  •  When they start solids or if on formula I would give them a little I done it around 5mnths but go with your gut instinct… try not to let them fill up on unnessary fluid…  Codie
  •  When they start solids is fine. And as little or as much as they will have as long as it doesn’t take over from them having formula, breast milk or food.  Bianca

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