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When to start Tummy Time

when-to-start-tummy-timeI was just wondering when mum’s started to do tummy time with their bubs? My LO is 2 weeks old and I give her a couple of minutes tummy time after a bath each night when drying her back. Is this too early or should I keep doing it?

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  • You start tummy time from birth. Bubs may only tolerate it for a few seconds at first but it is usually recommended that you start ASAP.Erin
  • I started with mine from birth. Even holding baby on their tummy on your chest counts as tummy time Samantha
  • Do it before every feed Fiona
  • Start from birth.Emily
  • We were advised to do it daily from birth from the midwives. It looked like she was too fragile to do it but only had her there for a minute or so. We also held her to our chest when lying down for extra tummy time. We have now built it up to longer periods and finish tummy time when she appears to be uncomfortable.Diane
  • Never too early. My nurse said to do 1 minute per day for each week old bub is, so a 3 week old should have 3 minutes, a 15 week old could be up to 15 minutes etc. We started when ours was born, just started on our chests.Rachel
  • Everyday after a feed since leaving the hospital even if it was only for a minute Sammy
  • My midwife told me at 1 week do 5 mins after each day feed so roughly up to 30mins total a day but probably only managed every 2nd feed not even and DS has great neck strength!Lucy
  • keep doing it the earlier the betterTeressa
  • I started tummy time the day my son was born, just had him lay on my chest. Had him on the floor the day after when we went home. Just a few minutes at a time a couple of times a dayBeth
  • Keep going. A couple of min each night is perfect. She will b a very strong girl when she’s older. My mum start my son early and he has been strong and mobile from a younger age. Great work.Sarah
  • your fine as long as you watch them I’ve been tummy time since 2 weeks as well AyeDubb
  • As long as bubs happy having tummy time it’s fine Shantell
  • My son is 3 weeks. I try to do a few minutes of tummy time of a day.Amy
  • Keep going mama! Tummy time is great from day 1!Lauren
  • tummy time isn’t just on the floor “tummy time” which my little one hated for ages and at the start I thought was the only tummy time that counted. Loads of tummy time on our chests and our bed helped much more than on the floor tummy time. Start off gently, try the floor on a rug every now and again to gauge their reaction, if they don’t like it don’t force them but don’t give up. It’s sooooooo good for their development. our little one was so strong from birth but still didn’t like floor tummy time; but the frustration soon lessened more and more over time. Good luck and congrats on ur little one. Carmyn
  • u can lay baby on yr chest to this is always good and burp over shoulder….my midwife said 2 weeks…my babys 3 weeks and u give him a few mins a day coz hes not a huge fan but hold.his head up great from doing other 2 often Steveejaye
  • Tummy time can be started right from newborn It only needs to be a few minutes then gradually increase the time as your baby gets stronger It also works by just laying baby tummy down on your chest so she lifts her head to build neck strength If she doesn’t fuss and cry then keep doing it and add extra time the older she gets Bianca
  • We started the day we came home from hospital – 3 days old and just started small and built up the time as he built up his strength.Katrina
  • From birth Jasmine
  • Don’t forget the having them on their tummy on your chest or knees counts too Steff
  • Keep going. All our early tummy time was bub laying on our chest throughout the day.Louisa
  • I got told to start from birth, 1 minute per age in weeks eg. 1 week = 1 minute, 2 weeks = 2minutes and so on…Khloe
  • Not to young at all. You can start tummy time straight away.Nicole



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