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Encouraging Tummy Time

encouraging-tummy-timeI have been trying to get my 2month DD to do tummy time she lasts about 5 minutes before crying I was wondering if other mums out there had any other suggestions to get her to like it. I’ve you tubed ways and they worked for a while but not anymore, I lie down with her so she can see my face but only lasts a little bit. What did you do to help encourage your baby during tummy time?

  • I put a mirror in front of my son to look at himself. Also the TV helped a lot. I rolled a towel up to prop under his arms in the beginning which made it easier for him to stay up longer until he grew stronger.Kasey
  • I lie down on the rug with her and play with the toys… I have one with a mirror which she loves… She does get a bit frustrated at times because she can’t move so I put my leg behind her so she can push off, she loves it… And she’s almost doing it by herself now… I also usually let her do tummy time without a nappy gives her more freedom and she finds it easier to rollFiona
  • A mirror or getting down on your tummy too in front of themKristy
  • my lo prefers tt with her clothes off, even her nappy sometimes when mums feeling brave sometimes I put my hands behind her feet to help her along a bitCassy
  • My son hated tummy time, but he always had great neck control perhaps from the way we used to hold him (over our shoulder). One day he voluntarily went into his tummy and ever since that’s how he plays. Don’t stress they’ll get there in the endElana
  • Lots of babies hate tummy time at that age as they can’t see much or do anything. Mine used to only last min or two and now loves it so just give it time and do it for a few mins at dif times of the day.Meaghan
  • just keep putting her on her tummy. They get used to it and do longer times. Put toys near her face and continue to lie down with herKaryn
  • Don’t worry with my boy it was exactly the same. I just kept giving him tummy time, once he got upset and frustrated I turned him over and tried him in the next few hours. And now he has really improved. He can stay on his tummy for a lot longer now. Keep going itill all eventually work out:)Emily
  • Five minutes is fantastic! If bub can only handle one minute that’s fine, as long as it’s regularly.Aylish
  • Try this one: lie on your back, knees bent and legs in the air so your hips & knees are at right angles, shins parallel to the floor. Place bubs tummy down on your shins with the head just poking over. You can hold them steady while you rock knees side to side, circles, in towards your chest & out etc etc Emma
  • you just have to keep doing it even if it is for 5 mins a few times a day my twins were the same my girl twin did things early and my boy twin did things on normal time so I really don’t think it makes any difference as long as they get some time on their tummy it does get better as they get older Teressa
  • My baby doesnt like it either shes nearly 5 months and is rolling now but doesnt like her tummy. But my health nurse said they only suggest for tummy time to keep the babies head a nice round shape. If she keeps turning her head when shes on her back she should be fine. If not turn it for her every 10-20 minutes or so. Brittnee
  • I had a bit if trouble with my daughter. She loves seeing other babies and would last longer on tummy time. We also started baby Gymbaroo. That has worked magi with mine otherwise we would just do 5 minute intervals a few times through the day Jessica
  • 5 minutes might not seem that long, but baby’s tire quickly, especially when doing activities that are building muscle. I give my bub 3 lots of tummy time a day, she might last 10 minutes or 2, follow bubs lead Diana
  • Lie in front of bub and talk. Interact with her through song and games and lots of bright coloured items. Crying is not too bad for bub – monitored and moderated. It will help motivate her to roll and crawl. You will notice the difference in her cries and will know when enough is enough for baby.Bianca
  • Hang in there. Keep trying it. Their little heads are heavy and necks are weak so it’s exhausting for them! Time will gradually get longer. Just make sure baby isn’t tired when you do it, lots of interesting things to look at and keep it positive and congratulate baby while doing it and afterwards.Kylie
  • my 2 daughters never got tummy time till they were older cause they use to have bad reflux. I would carry them facing away from me draped over my arm and they both held up their heads.Donna
  • My baby was exactly the same, I persevered and now she is a champion at it. Still doesn’t last long but has a very strong neck and rolled at around 3.5 months. I did use a rolled up tea towel and also put her on my chest when I was lying down to spice things up.Jacqueline
  • Keep going, they get frustrated at not being able to do what they want. It’s ok.Sarah
  • Get her to do tummy time on you, just yolk to her and play with her. My LO loves it a lot more than a play matMeeka
  • Dont worry its normal for them to not like tummy time at that age. Its also normal that they do not last long on their tummy before getting stressed. Try this, every time you change them rolk them onto their tummy while on the change table. Have a colourful toy at the end to look at or just lean down so they can see your face. If you do it each time they get used to it quicker and will start to last longer on their tummy. I did it for both mine and it helped to increase their strength and it made it easy to remember I usually don’t do it at night unless they are fully awake and you want them to use some of their energy up. In general I do not do it during the last change of the night before they go to bed or if you feed and change through the night. I want them to try to understand that it is time to eat and sleep not play. Saying that not always possible. Hope it helps Kylie
  • Just keep going. Some babies hate it. Do it as often as you can for as long as you can Katrina
  • Totally normal. You can do “superman” which she may love. We did this to each other when we were kids and babies love it!! Lay on your back on the floor, bend your knees up, and place bubs on your shins so they are “flying like superman” but looking at you!! Angie
  • Small amounts throughout the day is what I do. My bub hates tummy time (reflux bub) but will last a little longer if he lays on my chest. Becci
  • You could baby wear in a carrier or wrap (like hug a bub, Manduca, ergo). Ensures baby uses the same muscles but is happy and enjoys it, plus gives them time off the back of their head reducing the risk of getting a flat head Bel
  • 5 minutes is better than nothing. Keep persisting, and practise rolling over both ways.Fiona
  • I don’t bother anymore about tummy time as baby has reflux, and she does not enjoy and regardless of tummy time at 4 months she can hold her head up beautifullyGiuliana

 What are your best tips for encouraging tummy time?


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