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Stretch and Sweeps – Are they painful?

Delivery of babyStretch and sweeps are they painful?

  •  Yes it hurts, and it doesn’t always have results!     Riannon
  •  Nah – it’s more like a… rough fingering! LOL Less than a pap smear      Vanessa
  •  it not painful but is uncomfortable but so is everything at this stage of pregnancy     Kristy
  •  Everyone’s different but for me it was awful and I think having the s&s is the reason I ended up with an emergency c-section. Good luck either way     Jackie
  •  For me it wasn’t really painful, it was done in conjunction with having my waters broken so it was all really just uncomfortable. Labour started immediately though and bubs was born 5 hours later.     Belinda
  •  Nicely put Vanessa R Turner!!! Made me giggle so I had to say something…     Sheree
  •  My advice DON’T DO IT! It had me in tears quite honestly and it made no difference, it still took a week and 1 day to have my daughter. Total waste of time if you ask me.  And like Jackie, I ended up with an emergency c-section to!    Alison
  •  I didn’t find it painful at all. Was easy and quick and over before I knew it.     Louisa
  •  I found it quite painful, but was suffering hip and pelvis issues so everything was hurting but definitely more painful than a pap smear. It worked though, contractions started that night, lost plug 48 hours later and then bubs arrived another 48 hours after     Belinda
  •  It was somewhat painful but honestly it’s nothing in comparison to what will follow it… It worked for me & for all my friends that have had it & we all had natural births… Good luck!     Lindsay
  •  it was quite uncomfortable but I was in labour the next night and had her early the day after good luck     Katrina
  •  There’s no clinical evidence it works and you can have more than one. I had one and it didn’t work. It does hurt a bit but bearable, you can say no if u want it’s up to you.     Chloe
  •  The midwife did the same for my first pregnancy, it wasn’t painful just more uncomfortable then anything. And it worked for me, went into labour that night. good luck      Lynnot painful just uncomfortable I went into labour less than 24hours later     Alisha
  •  I didn’t find it painful, just very uncomfortable at 40 weeks – went into labour a few hours later so it worked for me good luck!!!     Ashleigh
  •  I had 2 that didn’t work but didn’t hurt either but I had dd at 40+2 and to the other question I tried everything under the sun castor oil was my last resort but it worked for me however I think it may be a coincidence I think bubs comes when they want to unfortunately     Alicia
  •  S&S was not exactly painful for me, but very uncomfortable. But it didn’t put me into labour. I think the dread of being induced made me go into labour; mine started the night before I was due to be induced! I tried everything else and nothing worked.     Stefanie
  •  I had the stretch and sweep done twice with my third bub and it hurt a little but was also very uncomfortable, it didn’t work for me 10 days later I was induced and 3hrs after my son was born     Kimmy
  •  I found it a little painful but bearable. Mine worked; I was in labour the following day. I also ended up with an emergency c-section… I’d never questioned it before but after the other girls comments above I’m now wondering if the two were linked..?     Bethany
  •  painful but it did work     Dani
  •  Why does he ‘have to’? Do a bit more research you deserve an explanation as to why they think it’s necessary. You’re a health consumer not a patient. If you’re only just past your due date, there are no complications and you and your bub are healthy, including the placenta, there may be no legitimate reason to try to induce labour.     Rebecca
  •  I had 3 s&s at 40wks, 40+2 (went in with high bp concerns and they offered me another to try bring on labour) and 40+4 (I was in early labour and they have me one to bring it on again). I found them very slightly uncomfortable though not painful. I’ve had 2 friends tell me there 1 was unbearable pain though my sister also had one and found it fine. Good luck.     Deirdre

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