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Surrogacy in Australia

surrogacyI am seeking advice about surrogacy and if anyone has had success here in Australia. Has it been here in Australia (where you cant legally pay) or has it been over seas for payment. My sister has also looked into wether she can do it for me as well as carry her own at the same time (2 fertile eggs inserted?)

  • Your sister wouldn’t be able to carry one for you AND herself at the same time for a number of reasons, main reason, if one doesn’t survive and one does, it’s 9 months of waiting to find out who’s baby it is. Erin
  • Hi I was a surrogate for my best friend 3 years ago in brisbane I was the first legal surrogate of twin babies in qld and I did not get paid it was and still is illegal in Australia to get paid. It’s also illegal for you to put your and hers eggs back in at the same time. What if only one took you wouldn’t know who’s it was until delivery. We went through life fertility highly highly recommend them. Rosie
  • Try to watch surrogate house it’s about the lovely ladies in india who do it for money about 12k American and I think hospital costs an Australian family was on the show and taking their baby home they have the advantage of the biological parents names are on the child’s birth certificate. That’s all I know it was sad to watch but amazing to see what that money did for the family they already had. Christine
  • I have recently had a friend do surrogancy for a couple in melbourne. She did it in conjuction with Melbourne IVF and surrogancy australia who i’m sure would be a great starting point Melita
  • My husbands mum worked at a clinic where they did surrogacy. They won’t let anyone do it if they are not finished having their own family. They have to see a psychologist to make sure they will actually give the baby up, because in the eyes of the law the baby is the birth mothers. Erin
  • I saw that programme. I thought it was sad & fantastic at the same time. Sad that some people treated the surrogates terribly (some didn’t even want to acknowledge the surrogate lady) & sad that it left a bit of a hole in the heart for some ladies…but fantastic for the ladies to be able to do so much better for themselves & their families financially. Rosie what a wonderful strong kind woman you are! Kylie
  • I was a surrogate here in Australia and gave birth 4 months ago…happy to answer any questions! Whoever does it needs to be sure they are finished having their family as there can be complications which mean no more pregnancies after the surrogacy….which happened in my case but I am sooooooooo fine with it Kristy
  • My friend just donated to a few women who she didnt know. She picked 5 families and went through the treatment. if you want to do it let me know ill give you the company she went through. All legal and now they are blessed with children Julie
  • I have a beautiful 4 month old baby girl born through surrogacy here in Australia, feel free to inbox me with any questions. I doubt you would be able to carry the two at the same time as it’s such an ethical and legal minefield as is, without complicating it further. Kristy
  • FYI not all states laws are the same either so start speaking to the relevant companies in your home state. Kirsty
  • The ivf peeps wont allow 2 embryos to a fertile woman unfortunately and your sister will have had to have finished having her family before becoming a surrogate. As your sister she will be allowed. I helped my cousin. Her egg her husbands sperm. We were on a current affair. . Go to their website and look up miracle baby xx Renee
  • I have a child through surrogacy which I did in India and was my clinics Australian ambassador for 4 years. Send me a PM if you would like more info Nardia
  • I haven’t done surrogacy but having gone through years of Ivf any good dr will not implant more than one embryo unless you have had multiple failed attempts at ivf as twins bring very high risks to both mum and the babies. The other issue would be there is no guarantee that both embryos would take and you could end up spending the entire pregnancy not knowing who’s baby it is until genetic tests were carried out.. I highly doubt you would be able to do this with the legal minefield surrounding surrogacy as it is Georgie
  • With carrying two, I would say that wouldn’t be the best idea. For starters, carrying twins carries high risks to both the baby and the mother, the chances of both twins surviving the prregnancy are slim, and it is possible that one or both would pass early on. If one survived how would your sister feel about carrying the other all the while not knowing who’s baby it is. Good luck to you. I hope you find a way Madison
  • You’ve probably found out already what you need To know… I was a surrogate in Melbourne and gave birth 3 months ago and went through all the legal requirements to be a surrogate so if you need to you can message me. Tiffnee
  • I know SA has a place where it can legally be done in Australia.You have to go through a lot of protocol though. Melanie
  • I was a surrogate in aust 2 years ago. Legally. Renee
  • Just make sure who ever you go through it’s legit and if over seas that they are paid well and treated well Aileen
  • I haven’t dealt with surrogacy, but have had IVF. I would say that they wouldn’t let your sister carry her own at the same time. There isn’t a 100% chance the fertile egg will take, so she could in that situation end up pregnant with only hers, only yours or none at all. Also, they try to avoid implanting multiple embryos with IVF because risk of multiple pregnancy is high, and they don’t like the danger associated. Shana
  • The Canadian lady’s baby was a donor egg and her husband’s sperm. Was a donor egg from India and not from the surrogate mother. There was a photo taken at the end with the donor, surrogate, Canadian lady and the baby. She was lovely and so nice. I think that place will revolutionise the world!! Kelly
  • There are websites where you can find donors and surrogates… Google to find. I used a donor from one, and yeah, there are some creeps there, however there are some really genuine souls who want to help people have kids too! There are some in Australia too… Saves you the massive headache and expense of clinics etc! Georgie
  • Repromed…..think they’re in Mawson Lakes. Google them and you should get the details. Melanie
  • There are groups around where you can get in contact with surrogates. A lady in my November due in group is currently a surrogate. I doubt your sister will be able to carry one for you and her at the same time, different times yes but not at the same time for many reasons Nikki

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