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Surviving the last few weeks of pregnancy

Portrait of a happy pregnant woman holding baby shoes and of herIts been a frequently asked question of late and we would love to hear from our lovely members your tips on how you struggled and how you survived the last few weeks of your pregnancy…

  • By having an awesome husband. Hayley
  • Tried resting alot and made sure everything was ready weeks before i was due so i didnt have to rush around or waddle around lol realli jst being prepared so u can also relax and not stress wen u get home after having bubs. That to also having a hubby or partner who cna help my partner and my mum were amazing. Including wen i woke them up at 5;30am having contractions lol we all looked lik death wen going into the hospital lol. Chantelle
  • No idea… im due in 4 weeks (As of this tuesday).
    Baby room is ready but the house work and every day things still need to be done, its a struggle to get everything that needs to be done done and i still feel so guilty about having finished work (even though i know there is no way i would cope being there!). Cin
  •  My mum stayed with me for three weeks. Bub was 10 days over due. My mum was wonderful. Helped me nest and get prepared for bub.  Jade
  • Tips please!!! I have a week to go and struggling bad. Hard to breathe, walk and move and now I have cankles!  Laura
  • Me too Laura! I’m so over it! I have two weeks to go. Candice
  • God help me!! I’ve got 3 weeks to go still working for another two but can hardly walk! So over myself & being pregnant.  Felicity
  • sleeeeppp!! (and chocolate).  Ashton
  • Swimming Helped a lot!  Sally-Anne
  • Oh boy, this is me right now I have 5 weeks left to go with my 3rd. Everything aches more this time round. And this QLD heat is very tiring. And on top of that we have just moved from Syndey to Brisbane and are staying with family (who have been amazing), but have not yet found our own place to live…
    So…any suggestions on what I can do to relax, when I can’t really prepare until we find a place, would be hugely appreciated!  Camilla
  • Eat small meals to help with the feeling full & heartburn, loads pillows in bed to help keep upright/slightly get comfortable & put feet up when can to help take weight off body & then look at scan pictures to remind yourself why u feeling way you do & won’t be long till they in your hands.  Tiffany
  • Nanna naps! Though even that was hard as it was impossible to keep comfortable! Bubsy Baby
  • 1st preg I spent the last three weeks eating reading & sleeping. With the rest I stayed busy. My last preg I was still at the gym days before!  Nix
  • I went 2 weeks over with an 11 pound baby so it was lots of resting, back massages and id get as much help as possible with my 4 yr old.  Corrie-Anne
  • Mum was with me for 3 Weeks b4 I had bub n n she had me walking 6ks a day (it def helped with labour) she was a great help! then wen bub was born he had to get flown to Brisbane from longreach. I couldnt go with him had to travel 14hr on a bus day after giving birth. mum went with me n was there thru everything im so glad she was there with me she was my tower of strength.  Emily
  • Tips please I’m only 21 weeks but have an 18 month old and animals and property to attend to , am not looking forward to those last few weeks!!!  Emma
  • I have just over 2 weeks left and finished work a bit over a week ago. I have been trying to find te motivation to clean and organise but its just not happening this time (2nd baby). My main tasks to get done are – pay bills be up to date. Have all bags packed, mine and babies as well as my sons for grandmas house. Cars are cleaned and car seats are organised. Nursery is cleaned and clothes are washed and put away. Just need to stay on top of washing and ironing for the next few weeks I think! Look forward to others ideas.  Tracy
  • Oh and my little ones are 3 and 2 so napping isn’t always an option if they don’t manage to go down at the same time lol  Camilla
  • By laying on the lounge watching box sets and doing as little as possible.  Kirsty
  • I sat on my gym ball from 36 weeks (was on bed rest) watching packed to the rafters from the very start. I watched the last to episodes of season 3 in labour! It’s a good time consuming show as each season is really long!  Chantel
  • Rest, rest and more rest cause you will need it. I know it is hard if you have other children but try and get as much help as you can. Danielle
  • Don’t count down till your due date, or convince yourself that baby will be early. Count down to due date plus ten.  Camilla
  • I am 35 weeks and my partner has been so wonderful, he helps cook, he does most of the cleaning, looks after the animals and has been getting the house ready for the baby as I am struggling to do a lot and back rubs help as well I feel very spoilt.  Maddie
  • I was sick the last 2 weeks and the day after my section I felt 100%.  Felicity
  • The only way I could sleep at the end of my pregnancy was on 8 pillows cause I couldn’t lay flat, it was quite comfy and I have an amazing partner couldn’t if done it without him he helped me put socks on lol and my family was fantastic.  Abbie
  • I have 2wks to go and am struggling with the heat, carpal tunnel & cankles we have just finished the renovations needed to do bubs room, but so much to sort and declutter. Try to rest with a 4yr is impossible but hubby is fantastic! As are the neighbours & our family.  Teresa
  • Gentle stretching and yoga. Relaxation techniques. Laying on the couch with one leg up over the top and the other nearly touching the floor to widen the pelvis and have some comfort – a small pillow under the hips may help (funny, with the help of the other half, that’s how I got pregnant in the first place), get massages from whoever is willing to give them. Lots of baths, hot showers, I spent a lot of time reading up on settling techniques (I could have set all the books on fire during that 6-8 week stage!) and triple checking bubba’s bag. Didn’t pack mine til I was in labour.  Skye
  • I let everyone around me know that I was tired, uncomfortable and over being pregnant lol.  Aimee
  • I just took one day at a time. I was 10 days over and popping in December. I sucked on zooper dopers all day (we had no aircon till after bub arrived) wet face cloths on my feet and forehead, 3 fans (lol yes 3!) running on me and watched sex and the city, one tree hill series etc.  Hannah
  • I just whinged the whole entire last few weeks…….. Isnt that what most of us do??!!!!  Kristy
  • I’m 37+4 and finish work tomorrow. My way of coping is complaining about everything, haha. I think hubby is getting use to it now!  Mel
  • I struggled badly, especially as it was so hot and my feet were constantly swollen. I just spent all my time on the couch under the air con watching tv. Then I ended up going 11 days over and had to be induced, it was a miserable end to the pregnancy.  Karla
  • I went to the pool everyday and swam with a kickboard very slowly, wasted about an hour and a half from when I left home, swam & got back home.  Kylie
  • Massage, Chiropractor and I slept in the spare room. So much easier to load up on pillows and get up and down to pee without having to worry about waking hubby. My parents were also here so it helped but I went 12 days over so I was really OVER it by the time I went to hospital!  Selina
  • Thanks for all the tips ladies! Only 28 weeks but I feel I’m gona need to stock up on box sets!! Haha.  Zoe
  • I went shopping every day.  Cherie
  • Well I can’t complain, I’ve got 12 days to go, finished up work about a month a go I’m so prepared.. EVERYTHING for bub is organized, my house is spotless, my yard is tidy, I’ve managed to clean and organize cupboards and draws and all sorts! Most days now I just sleep in, read, watch foxtel, drink my raspberry leaf tea and try and only allocate myself one job to do around the house like vacuuming or shopping ect, I love it!!!  Temily
  • Lots of sleep, rest, baths & yummy food.  Charlotte
  • My last one.. I just complained and cried for the last few weeks… Struggled terribly especially having 6 other children to look after!! Hard work.  Jas

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