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Baby Names – Negative meanings

Mother Suffering From Post Natal DepressionBaby Names – I really love a name for our soon to be born baby girl, but it seems to have such negative connotations. The last thing I want is to create a negative vibe around my baby, but I keep being drawn to this name. Have you named your baby a name with a negative meaning?

  • Me too, my fourth son I wanted to name :Daemon. A favourite character from a book is read( the character was the son of devil actually) but everybody said it’s the same as naming him demon so I compromised and spelt it Damon. He can be right little demon sometimes. Lol Nicole
  • I named my girl viola although it dosnt have a negative meaning everyone was telling me not to name her that as they hated the name, u name her whatis right for you and dont listen to other people in the end its your decision Mandy
  • Lachlan means from the lochs, it was a nickname given to the Norwegians by the Scottish, yet it’s still a beautiful & strong boys name. Name your baby girl a name you love, not because of it’s meaning. I certainly didn’t get called “promised to god” because my parents liked the meaning. Elizabeth
  • Use whatever baby name¬†you want. I’m known as Natalie not “a gift of Christmas” you’re known by your name not by the meaning Natalie
  • I liked Connor for my son but didn’t use it after reading a book that said Connor’s tended to be naughty and not successful. Possibly silly but didn’t want to tempt fate. Tracey
  • Do meaning really mean anything? My son is called Blake, which means dark. Blake is a fair skinned, fair haired child with a happy personality. Go with what you like Melissa
  • I love the baby name azaria but didn’t use it because of the whole Lindy chamberlain thing. Amy
  • My LO is Alexia which is a brain disorder but the name also means defender of men, helper. We didn’t choose it based on the meaning we choose it because we felt it was a strong beautiful name that could be easily be shortened. Renee
  • Name your baby whatever you like meanings aren’t a huge thing my son is Heath which is a shrub bush Casey
  • I would personally steer clear of a name if the connotation is sexual (eg Lolita), but otherwise, not many people will know or look up traditional meanings! Rachael
  • Most people won’t know the meaning of a name unless they look it up. Tammie
  • Name your baby the name you love.. The meaning really means nothing! One of my daughter’s names means ‘the feminine version of the male name’ so that’s pretty dull.. Meanings of names are just something to distract you while pregnant Lianne
  • I’d b interested to hear the name as I assume it’s not something like ‘sourface’!!!! You have to go with your heart! Dani
  • Depends on how horrific the name is. If you shared the name (and why it’s negative) we might have been able to put your mind at ease. Mel
  • Would love to know the name you have chosen. When you look at your precious little angel you will know what to call her don’t worry about it. Have a list with a few options. Michelle

What is your experience with a baby name with a negative meaning?


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