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pregnant with twinsMy hubby and I have just found out that we are pregnant with twins. Needless to say I am terrified! Can anyone recommend how we should set up in preparation for them (should we get two of everything like cots and bassinets, which stroller is recommended which car seats etc.). This is out first pregnancy so any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • We have 2 bassinets for our twins everything else we only have 1 of. When they are older we will get them each a cot and high chair, but haven’t really had the need for 2 of anything else. And we have the baby jogger city select which we use the maxi cosi mico ap capsules with. Our twins are only 7 weeks old but are babies 4 and 5 for us. Ella
  • Our twins had their own rooms so set up rooms accordingly…two cots, change tables etc. We got two bassinets and they were in our room for first 2 months and used to wheel them out to lounge area during day. Two bouncers was also something that was very handy to have during day. I also got breathing monitors which really gave me peace of mind. I also got them into a routine of settling to sleep from beginning which helped when i was doing bedtime routine on my own most nights. Good luck and enjoy the experience! Karen
  • I have 12 week old twins and we have them together in one cot and will put them each in their own cot later. I got the Abc zoom pram where you can put 2 capsules or bassinets on and when they 6 months or older you put to seats on. I liked this pram as the seats can face each other. Toy wise I wouldn’t get two of everything as they can share it. Having twins are a blessing Elmerien
  • My third pregnancy was twin boys. A big shock to say the least- they are nearly 2 now. Yes, buy two cots etc. my boys slept with each other when they were smaller bit moved them to their own cots as they became more mobile. As for a pram it really depends on what your daily needs are and what type of car you have. Many if my favourites would not fit in the boot. I have 4 children, and drive a Kia carnival I can only fit a double stroller in the back. Join the AMBA and other multiple groups in your area- they are a wealth of knowledge and support Bec
  • Maybe look up your local multiple birth association. I’m sure all the mums there would point you in the right direction, and you may be able to pick up some twin stuff second hand. Katherine
  • My twins are 9 months old. I had two bassinets now they are each in a cot. Capsules for the car in the beginning were a godsend. I had the safe and sound unity capsules and have the baby jogger city select pram (love it!!). I had a change table but stopped using it and got a portable nappy caddy instead because I hated having to leave one baby to change the other (the one left would always cry) so now I just change them wherever, much easier. You shouldn’t need two of much. I wouldn’t go overboard with swings or bouncers just yet until you know what they like. I bought one swing and one bouncer so they could have a go at each. Definitely recommend joining your local multiple birth association on Facebook Lauren
  • It depends if you want to put them in bassinets first and or have them in your room.. My twins came straight home into cots together in one room. I had capsules which attached to my mountain buggy duo. There are many options for bassinet cots. carseats vs capsules. Yas
  • I’m not talking from experience but my friend had twins she didn’t buy bassinets she just slept them in 1 cot until they were 2 big! Good luck you can do it! Like I would tell my beat friend you don’t know any different you will survive! She has they are almost three and baby no. 3 is on the way Teagan
  • Don’t rush out and buy 2 of everything! We did and most was unused. Join multiple birth association in your local area (AMBA). You will need two car seats and a double pram. Discuss whether you want to use capsule (many use them but remember you will be carrying one in each hand). Some people use 1 cot to start with. Car seat you choose will depend on your car so best to visit baby store and check them all out. Don’t go crazy with buying two of everything else. We did 1 swing and 1 bouncer but found both loved the bouncer so we got rid of swing. Brea
  • Go to a baby shop, and get 2cots and roughly that’s it for big furniture for them. 2 of everything is not really needed. 1 rocker an 1 swing, alternate the baby in each. Change table is good idea, especially if you have a ceaser, then get a quote, take it to next place ask their advice an see if they will go cheaper, and do it again until you get a good price for everything. The more you buy from one store, the better the deal. Buy nappies now.. 8boxes of newborn, 2 of infant. Saves time an money later.Icandy peach3 is AMAZEBALLS for twins. And maxicosi capsule x2. You will need a pregnancy pillow, or 5.. Lol. Robyn
  • Join the free Amba forum. It was the only thing that got me through my Monoamniotic pregnancy and the first hellish 6 months. Good luck. Cheree
  • two car seats and double stroller. I wouldn’t bother with 2 bassinets for twins… Ours like most sleep in the same cot since birth and we use body positioners for safe sleeping. There is a twin a feeding pillow which is good if you don’t want to tandem feed, allows them to be propped up after a feed while your feeding the other one Nikita
  • Congrats! My twins were also our first pregnancy so i feel your fear lol We had our twins share a portacot for the first 4 months then put them in their own cots sharing a room I have a valco snap dup side by side pram which i love, we used it from newborn and still use it everyday (19 months old) its super lightweight for me to lift compared to the other prams we looked at! we didn’t use capsules (because i wouldn’t be able to carry 2 on my own anyway) and just got 2 infasecure caprice carseats which go from 0-8yrs which have been great so far! Kimberley
  • Def need 2 baby swings it was my life saver, a double pram also i have the twin agile its great. I unfortunately couldnt sleep my babies together as my little man had talipes and was in plaster from birth so i needed 2 cots etc but i know many that had onw cot and slept them together Sam
  • My twins are 3 now but as babies I slept them in their own cots side by side from day one. They still sleep the same now! I wouldn’t bother with a bassinet as then u need to transition to a cot which can be difficult. After buying an expensive Phil and teds twin pram I ended up buying a $100 twin stroller which was heaps easier to use and took up less space in the car. 2 car seats are essential too. If u plan on bottle feeding I used 2 bath seats to lie them in and feed tandem that way. 2 bottle warmers came in handy too. When breastfeeding a comfy pillow was great. I had 2 bouncers but didn’t bother with 2 of everything else. Stock up on nappies when they are on special too! Congrats and all the best. My twins are the best of friends! Laura
  • I have 8 week old twin’s so I’m still learning. But my advice is skip the bassinets. They are an added expense that they won’t use for very long. I put my twin’s straight into a cot together from birth. Side by side at first now one at each end. 2 car seats are essential a long with two bouncers. You can bounce one baby while feeding/changing the other or bounce both while you eat/express, also handy to keep one slightly upright after a feed while you feed the other if you don’t tandem feed. I use two cuddle u pillows (cheaper then specialized pillows and can be used as normal pillows later on) one on either side of me to prop the babies up when I have to tandem feed them expressed milk. I put a rolled up cloth nappy to prop the bottle of one baby up while I burp the other (never leave a baby unattended with a propped bottle). I have a baby jogger city mini side by side. They can go in it from birth until your ready for them to walk. It folds fairly flat and very easily. Is very maneuverable and the hoods come down really far to help keep the sun and prying eye’s/ hands of stranger’s out. Stock up on nappies and wipes when on special before they are born. Sleep as much as you can during the pregnancy. If you can, prepare and freeze meals before the babies arrive because once they are here neither of you will have much time or energy to cook. Learn to be ok with having a messy house. Only do the bare essentials (dishes, washing) enlist as much help as you can from family and friends. Take the opportunity to sleep when they do (easier said then done) or you will regret it. I did house work instead of slept during one of their naps. Turns out that was the only decent sleep they had in 48 hour’s. Needless to say I was literally a zombie on auto pilot. Above all, find time to enjoy your babies. The time flys so quick with two of them. From one twin mummy to another, wishing you all the best. Annah

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