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Travel Tips: Carry-on packing list

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Terrified of forgetting something crucial for your little one? We have put together the following list to give you an idea of what to take on board for travel with kids. Yes, it looks like a long list but you will be glad to have everything you need mid-flight. Depending on the age of your children you may not need everything that is listed.

Important Items

  • Passports, itinerary and wallet.
  • Camera
  • Dummy (if your baby takes one) and spare dummies (they have a habit of going missing on planes)
  • A dummy saver clip is also very handy

Clothing and sleeping

  • Change of clothes (or two depending on length of flight/s) for babies and toddlers and a change of clothes (or at least a spare top) for mum and dad in case of accidents
  • Babies and toddlers usual sleeping gear – pyjama’s or gro bags plus wrapping blankets and a favourite teddy bear or cuddly toy.
  • A jumper and warmer clothes for babies and kids (it can be very cold in-flight and in airports)
  • Breathable fabric to put over the top of the bassinet to shield a sleeping baby’s eyes from the cabin lights (and the tv screen usually located right above the bassinets.)
  • You may like to have a nursing cover/ blanket for covering up when breast feeding.
  • Depending on whether your airline provides them you may like to take a small blanket for the kids.

Feeding time

  • Depending on your babies age pack a soft baby spoon and bibs
  • A facecloth for cleaning up messy kids
  • A ‘sippy’ cup – shop around to find on that doesn’t leak in your bag
  • Formula and bottles (take twice as much as you think you will need just in case of delays or lost luggage)
  • Food for your little one – depending on the airline you can request baby or children’s meals but you need to do so in advance. For babies it can be easier to take the soft squeeze packs than jars which can break in your bag. (again take twice as much as you think you will need just in case of delays or lost luggage.)
  • Snacks – for babies and toddlers ; rusks, sultanas, dried fruit, crackers. For older kids Muesli bars, cheese and cracker packs, savoury biscuits and perhaps a treat or two.
  • For older kids, chewing gum or chewable sweets can help with popping ears on take off and landing.

Nappy changes

  • Plenty of nappies (take more than you think you will need in case of upset tummies, delays or lost luggage)
  • Wipes – take loads (these are also great for cleaning grubby hands and faces and tray tables after babies and toddlers make a mess at meals)
  • You may like to carry a change mat (you can buy disposables)
  • Nappy rubbish bags for used nappies
  • Nappy rash cream
  • Medicines
  • An age appropriate Paracetamol product, whether you prefer Panadol or Neurofen etc. Don’t get on a plane without one or the other – it is a life saver when the kids get sore ears.
  • Prescription medicines- if you or your child require any prescription medication it should be carried with you at all times rather than checked in.
  • Depending on your child’s age you may like to carry teething gel and a teething ring
  • Liquid hand sanitiser / disinfectant
  • Tissues


  • A couple of small lightweight books
  • Several small toys from home (ones that don’t make noise are best)
  • Several new toys that your kids haven’t seen before (you may like to wrap them up) save them for when your child gets very bored or restless and then bring them out one at a time.
  • Older children may like to bring a hand held video game such as a Nintendo DS or an Ipod or portable DVD player (if your flight doesn’t have ‘Video on Demand’ and personal screens) Don’t forget spare batteries for devices.
  • A deck of cards can provide quite a lot of entertainment if your child is old enough to play ‘Snap’ or ’Go Fish’
  • Stickers, crayons, pencils and a notepad, sketch pad or colouring book.
  • If your child has a favourite toy that they are very attached to bring it along but guard it with your life, a lost favourite toy can ruin a flight and a holiday.


  • Resealable bags are really handy, you can use them for left over food, wet face cloths, spare dummies etc
  • Plastic bags, pack a couple in case they are required for soiled or wet clothes

What are you ‘must have’ items for your carry on luggage when travelling with the kids?

Travel with Tots is your online guide to all you need to know for travelling with your little ones in tow.

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