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Travel Tips: Great toy ideas for travelling by plane

by Travelwithtots

A common question we get asked is what toys to take on the flight for kids.

  • Ipad / Ipod touch
  • Kids sized headphones – “Best thing we ever did is take the kids head phone shopping. Buy one that fits them perfectly, doesn’t fall off (very important or you’ll be adjusting it the whole time) and doesn’t hurt! Than at the airport buy a little adapter so it fits on the in-flight entertainment thing.
  • Laptop
  • DVD player
  • Leap pad has lots of activities such as books, short videos, drawing, flash cards, etc, and a lot less breakable than an ipad.
  • A small photo album with your family / baby / pets in it – it will keep them entertained for hours.
  • Activity bags – visit our friends at My Busy Bag
  • Baby doll with accessories
  • Puppets
  • Little plastic animals
  • Small stamps and a book
  • Mini book set
  • Nursery Rhymes with action songs
  • Loads of snacks
  • Stickers
  • Colouring in books
  • Crayons
  • Texta’s (the ones that only work on the book)
  • Stacking cups
  • Cup with a lid for drinking out of
  • Packet of Straws
  • Ice cubes from the flight attendant
  • Cheap Playdoh / plasticine
  • Wipes – Get your little one to wipe down everything; tray table, window, seat etc
  • Little cups and plates on the meal tray to play tea party
  • Fisher & Price Doodle pro – available from our friends at Little Gulliver
  • Wrap little toys up as unwrapping them is half the fun
  • Stacking barrels that fit inside each other

Recommend packing an extra days worth of essentials in carry on bag as our luggage can get delayed or even lost

The on board entertainment for kids is so good these days, but a DVD player is a good backup if the entertainment system goes down.

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