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Matching twin names

Matching twin names - would you do it?You’re having fraternal boy/girl twins – congratulations. But what are you going to call them? Whilst some people go with completely different names for twins there are some who would love to have their already closely bonded babies, continue the bond with matching twin names.

If you fall into the latter category then we have taken the hard work out of it for you and have scoured the planet to come up with our top 25 list of boy/girl matching names for fraternal twins!

Love it or hate it? What do you think?

Our top 25 matching twin names

  1. Abby & Abe
  2. Adrian & Adriana
  3. Alexander & Alexandria
  4. Andrew & Amanda
  5. August & Augustine
  6. Billy & Lily
  7. Charlotte & Charles
  8. Christopher & Christine
  9. Danny & Dana
  10. Davina & David
  11. Gage & Sage
  12. Jayda & Jayden
  13. Jillian & William
  14. Jordana & Jordon
  15. Julia & Julius
  16. Keegan & Teegan
  17. Kylie & Kyle
  18. Lauren & Laurence
  19. Masey & Mason
  20. Mitchell & Michelle
  21. Oliver & Olivia
  22. Robert & Robin
  23. Simon & Simone
  24. Tristin & Kristin
  25. Wendall & Kendall

Do you know twins with matching or paired names? How would you approach naming twins? Double the trouble or double the fun? Good luck! 

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