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Australian inspired baby names for boys or girls

Some people love the neutrality and mystery of a unisex name. Other people are madly patriotic and want something with a ‘true blue’ twist. Either way (or maybe both!) here’s a list of unisex Australian baby names that will leave you inspired!

unisex Australian baby names for boys or girls

Not sure whether you are having a boy or a girl, consider a unique, unisex Australian baby name for your little bundle of joy? Look no further, we have done the hard work for you and come up with 20 uniquely Australian, unisex, baby names for you to choose from perfect for your baby boy or baby girl.

Unisex Australian Baby Names

  1. Anzac
    • ANZAC stands for “Australian and New Zealand Army Corps” — the soldiers from Australia and New Zealand who were sent to fight in World War I’s Gallipoli Campaign, beginning on April 25, 1915.
  2. Bligh
    • English origin. From the name Blyth, meaning wolf
  3. Blue
    • Refers to the colour.  In Australia can refer to a red headed person.
  4. Bourke
    • Name sake: Australian explorer Robert O’Hara Burke
  5. Darcy
    • Name sake: Les Darcy, Australian boxer
  6. Endeavour
  7. Fraser
    • Name sake: Eliza Fraser, who survived a shipwreck on Fraser Island in Queensland
  8. Garnet
    • Australian red stone often used in jewellery
  9. Jarrah
    • Unique Australian hardwood, growing up to 40 metres high.
  10. Kelly
    • Name sake: Ned Kelly, famous Australian bush ranger
  11. Kestrel
    • Meaning: Small native Australian falcon
  12. Lark
    • Meaning: Magpie Lark is an Australian black and white native bird
  13. Mackenzie
  14. Mallee
    • Meaning: Variety of Australian eucalyptus tree
  15. Marino
    • Suburb name in South Australia
  16. Storm
  17. Sydney
    • Capital of New South Wales, Australia
  18. Tasman
    • Name sake: Abel Tasman, who made the first reported sighting of Tasmania in 1642
  19. True
  20. Tully
    • Name sake: General William Alcock Tully, surveyor

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