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Kathie Holmes is a Best Selling Author and is passionate about nurturing women and providing women with ways they can share their life stories to inspire others around the world. As a mum, grandma and business woman Kathie has first-hand experience at not putting herself first and is on a mission to ensure women the world over know that it doesn’t have to be this way. You can find out more about Kathie and the work she does at her website.
Australian inspired baby names for boys or girls

Australian inspired baby names for boys or girls

Inspired by Australian people and landmarks, celebrate all things Australia with these Aussie baby names that are perfect for a baby boy or a baby girl.

Tips for caring for your family’s emotional health

Family’s emotional health – tips to keep your family unit happy, communicating and engaged with one another

The Tooth Fairy Forgot - HELP

The Tooth Fairy Forgot – HELP

It happens to us all. Life gets crazy busy and the tooth fairy forgets. Here are some reasons why the tooth fairy may have forgotten.

Surviving your Child’s First Sleep Over + Sleep Over Safety

Your child’s first sleep over – being prepared, making it an enjoyable experience and ensuring your child is safe during sleep overs

7 Ways to a Stress Free School Term

Stress Free School Term – 7 tips to minimise your stress and get organised this school year.

Matching twin names

Twin Names – if you are looking for names for your twins we have a list of matching pair options for you.

baby names inspired by movies

62 Baby Names Inspired By Music, Movies and Television

Baby Names Inspired By Music, baby names inspired by movies and names inspired by television. Lots of ideas to help you name your child

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5 High Impact, Low Cost Christmas Gift Ideas for the Whole Family

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5 tips for raising an emotional child

5 tips for raising an emotional child. Every child is different and we need to consider their individual needs to help develop articulate and capable adults

Christmas themed names

Christmas Themed Names

Christmas Themed Names – Girls names, boys names and unisex names that celebrate the Christmas spirit perfect for a baby due near Christmas

50 True Blue Names for Boys

50 Australian Boys Names – True blue Australian inspired baby boy names

7 ways to nurture your relationship

Nurture your relationship. We have 7 ways to help you focus on your relationship when you have kids. A healthy, stable relationship needs continual work.

8 Tips for a Safe & Street Friendly Halloween

Create a Halloween Friendly Street and a safe environment for all. Your kids will love trick or treating and it is a great way to bring the community together

50 True Blue Names for Girls

Australian Baby Girl Names – True Blue Aussie Names inspired by Australian landmarks, plants and animals. Baby name ideas that reflect your Australian heritage

Family Friendly Restaurants in Cairns

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Five chores your 2-3 year old can do!

5 Chores your 2-3 year old can do. Teach your toddler to help around the house and tidy up after themselves from an early age with these appropriate chores.

8 reasons why mums must put themselves first

8 Reasons for mums to put themselves first! Mums need to be looking after themselves to look after their kids so come and find some ideas to be the best mum you can be