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weaning with Organix

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As parents, when it comes to giving our babies their first tastes of solids, we like to know what we are feeding them is natural, tasty, full of goodness and free of any ‘nasties’. Cooking and pureeing our own fresh fruit and vegetables is the ideal option, but not always convenient. That is where ready-made baby food can be very helpful. However, knowing which purees and snacks are suitable for our little ones can often be confusing as we scan ingredient lists and decipher marketing claims stamped on packaging in the search for baby food that is not only flavoursome, but also free of undesirable ingredients.

Thankfully, there are products available that can give you peace of mind as a parent when it comes to weaning your baby and offering those first tastes of solid foods.

Organix is a relatively new brand to Australian supermarket shelves and provides a range of purees, biscuits and snacks for babies at various stages of their development. Their products all come with a ‘no junk promise’ containing only the best organic ingredients and nothing unnecessary, promises which give parents confidence and reassurance when reaching for ready-made baby food.

<Organix no junk food promiseWe did a bit of a taste test with our friend’s sweet baby girl using these new products by Organix to see her reaction first hand.

We started with two of the fruit pots which are new to Australia – purees made with 100% organic fruit in Apple and Mango and Apple and Raspberry flavours, labelled as suitable for children 7 months and up. Each little pot contains one serve of a child’s ‘five a day’. The Apple and Mango was a thick, mashed texture with a noticeable hint of mango. The Apple and Raspberry had a sweeter berry taste and contained small chunks of apple (tiny soft cubes about half a centimetre across). Both of these purees would be ideal for beginning to expose babies to different textures and flavour combinations after the initial weaning stages. They would also be great to add to rice cereal or porridge.

first taste test

second taste testOur taste tester (who according to her Mum was not usually keen on the tartness of apple) happily tried spoonful after spoonful.While you can see her initial reaction above was one of slight reluctance, after offering a few more tastes, she enjoyed mouthfuls of both samples.

tasting Organix finger foodThe Organix Baby Biscuits were also a definite winner.  Available in three tasty flavours (creamy vanilla, banana and strawberry), their unique ring shape makes it easy for little fingers to grasp and munch on as they play with food and learn the skills they need to feed themselves

Not as hard as a rusk but less crumbly than a typical biscuit, they dissolve easily, helping to avoid large pieces breaking off. These biscuits contain no added sugar, have a mild sweetness coming solely from the fruit and are free of artificial flavours and sweeteners. Packaged in a lightweight packet of nine, they could be easily thrown into a nappy bag for outings. Our taste tester enjoyed both samples, with the ring shape making it easy for her little fingers to grip the biscuit

All Organix products are readily available in Australia, with Woolworths stocking the new fruit pots for $5.70 (for a packet of four fruit pots) and both Woolworths and Coles stocking the biscuits for $4.99.

For any parents out there ready to embark on the weaning journey, we definitely recommend giving the Organix fruit pots and baby biscuits a try… tasty options for your little one with a ‘no junk promise’.

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