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What to do with older children when in labour

Grandfather with kids using electronic tabCould parents in similar a situation please provide their experiences and advice. Im due to have another boy when my first will be 16mths. We practice attachment parenting so he’s only been away from me for a hour a handful of times. I’m even considering home birth. I’m wondering what others have done during labour with their first?

  • My mother had my son and brought him to hospital while I was in labour. He hung out in the labour ward room and she took him to get breakfast and to the hospital play ground. About 5 mins after my 2nd son was born they came back to the room and he could meet his new brother. Worked out really well. Alexandra
  • My first 2 boys are 16 months apart and also my last 2 boys are 16 months apart also. I had my mother in law look after my toddler when I went into have my 2 month old. I stay less than 24 hours in hospital but they bought him in straight away after I had him. And same 12 years ago when I had my second bub. I didn’t want either of my kids to see me in any kind of stressful situation. Even my now 12 and 13 year olds didn’t stay with me but we’re in right after I had my younger two. Kelly
  • my nan had my daughter who was 12 months at the time… as soon as i had had her sister nan brought her in to see me and her new sister, there were a few tears as she has never been seperated from me but once distracted she was fine… kids can handle a lot more than we think as long as he gets to see you every few hr than he sould be fine… hope that helps.. Leah
  • My first was 12 months and 4 days when my daughter was born he slept at my sisters while i had her..with no problems at all and he never really left me at all before that just have bub spend as much time with ur person of choice before ur due date so he/she trusts being there alone and make sure they have lots of fun … helps children establish a bond Ebony
  • with my second son I had a friend watch my eldest then bring him straight back to meet baby, but with my third my eldest was at home with me when I gave birth and a friend had my second. U think he would have been fine at the birth too but I was worried I wasnt doing enough so left to drop him off to keep nyself busy Ashlee
  • my son went with my Aunty the day I had my daughter and as soon as I was cleaned up and covered he come in to see me Emmie
  • I just had my second baby, with my first one being almost 15 months old. My first one is very well attached to my husband and me and the birth was the first time she had to spend without both of us, She got babysitted by her godmother and did very very well. Although now she reacts with crying when her godmother comes and goes “mama mama”. But she will go back to normal. I am very proud of her. She stayed at home, in her normal environment. Katharina

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