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When can your baby start swimming lessons?

Young mother and her baby enjoying a baby swimming lesson in theAt what age did your little one start swimming? And any recommendations for centres in South Australia in the north eastern suburbs that are reasonably priced?

  • Just started my son last week and he is 3 months old. Never too early its such an important skill Amanda
  • My little girl is 8 months old and just started at paragon in modbury, highly recommended. Shauna
  • My son started swimming at 6 months. We go every Saturday and he loves it. We go to the aquadome and it cost about $32 a fortnight. It’s great there and staff are friendly. Sharna
  • Started my son at 3 months old best thing I ever did Gina
  • I started my son when he started walking. We go to The Paragon, which is opposite TTP on Smart rd. cheapest I found in the area. The Strathmont centre on Grand Junction rd is meant to be cheap too. Kristie
  • 6 months Paragon, state swim Julia
  • My baby was 6 months(after 6 month vaccinations)-I’m in QLD. Briony
  • I started lessons with my son at 5 1/2 months in a hydro pool so it’s nice and warm. We have done 3 lessons and he loves it! There are some younger babies in our class (4mths) but I wouldn’t start them until they can hold their own head up. Jayne
  • The Paragon on smart rd, Modbury. Way better than stateswim! Not as hot inside either while you watch. Started both mine at 6 months Sim
  • 4 months and loves it! Parafield Gardens have a free prigram from 2-4months it’s been great! Ashlee
  • My son started at 5 months. They can start from as young as a week old. They have spent 9 months living in liquid, so it’s a natural and quite often calming. Just choose a swimming school that has the water warm enough Lauren
  • My elsest started at 8ish months because we had no indoor pools and she was normal in march now as a 3yr old is amazing at swimming. But my baby will be starting at 4 months. As thats when out local swimming school takes them from Laura
  • I started my little one at 10 weeks in our pool just slowly he’s 13 weeks now and loves it. There is not many places that will take them befor 6 months and it’s not recommended they go in public pools till then either. Rebecca
  • My older son has been in swimming lessons since he was 7 months old, he is now almost 3 and can swim. My younger son will be starting swim lessons in summer. He will be around 10 months old Allysha
  • Both my girls started at 6 months . I do it all year , they never miss a lesson . They r now aged 3 , 4 and can do laps of the pool . Kellianne
  • I have twin boys and started them with swimming lessons at 6 months old. They are now 2 and love it! Laura
  • We’ve just started our LO at Kent Town Swim. I’ve found them to be cheaper than State Swim. Class sizes are small and the teachers are great! LO is 18 months old. Cathy
  • My first son was about 9 months and Paragon swim centre at Modbury, was cheaper than state swim. Annette
  • Fun life Fitness at Ingle Farm. Good prices small pool & class sizes. Classes for bubs from 4months. Nicole
  • Both my kids were in the pool before six months. Real swimming lessons started at 3. That was the youngest allowed and both went in to become state level swimmers Debra

When did your kids start swimming lessons?

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