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When does breastfeeding become easier?

Hi there, just wanted to know how long it takes for breastfeeding to feel ‘normal’? I have had so many issues including cracked and blistered nipples, thrush, vascospasm, red and inflamed nipples. I have fixed my bubs attachment. Bub will be 6 weeks on Monday and I just want it all to get better!!!

  • I had the same. Vasospasm was and always is there for me especially in the colder weather so stay warm or put a heat pack on your breasts afterwards. For me it was around 3 months when one day I realised there hadn’t been any problems for a while. Keep at it is once you get there it is totally worth it! Caprice
  • Usually by 8 weeks it feels more comfortable and relaxed try to stay calm as much as you can and look to the light at the end of the tunnel. Jess
  • I had a vasospasm, terrible attachment issues with my first, fast milk flow etc – it took about 6-8 weeks for things to settle then it was great – despite all the hell i breastfed my first until she was 2 yrs old….with my second who is 2 weeks old i have so far had mastitis due to too much milk or oversupply so another issue but just get support and help it does pass and get better and am so thankful that i can breastfeed both my children..this time around I know it will be ok Natalie
  • Took me about 2 months, you will get there soon xo Nikki
  • My dd litterally took a chunk out of my nipple when i first started to breast feed her, it was so painful i was in tears when i fed her, i went to the breastfeeding association/clinic at my maternal child health and they help me to get her attached, but it was so scary putting her on, with my husbands and mums support i got through it, it was after a couple of months when it felt natural to me. but as others have said totally worth it, also i found the football hold alot easier then other holds for breast feeding, i hope this helps. stick with it. Helen
  • Took bout 2 months. 🙂 Chloe
  • My bub is 4 and a half weeks and i stopped breast feeding due to thrush twice and mastitis all in the first 2 weeks, i got so depressed and was so anxious all the time and just didn’t want her near me, it was affecting my mental health to the point that i couldnt look after her on my own and needed my partner and others around me. i do feel sad about stopping, but i had to look after myself to be able to care for my daughter. i will definitely try it again when i try for another baby, at least now i know what im in for. Monica
  • I had alot of trouble with bleeding n severely cracked nipples (each nipple had split in 2 and was raw) at about 9 weeks I found “rite aid gel breast disks” they are amazing n saw improvement in 24 hours. By 72 hours they were healed. Wish some1 told be sooner. Only catch is you have to wash your nipples before feeding bub. I persisted cause it lever hurt while bub was latched n feeding- only every other minute of the day lol. Amanda
  • You poor thing. Well done for persisting though. I had a lot of problems from about 8-16 weeks with my twins. I ended up using the Tommee Tippee Nipple Shields but I used them very carefully, as I had a friend who’s baby wouldn’t feed without them after she used them. I would only use them for 24 hours at a time max and I found it really helped (I did this for about a week for each side). Because I had two babies, I couldn’t rest a side, so you may find they help even more, as you could give one side a rest for a full day and use the shield on the other. Good luck ~ it really was a difficult 8 weeks for me but I’m SO glad I stuck it out… still feediing my girls at 18 months, so it does get better. Vanessa
  • Only when your comfortable will it feel better. Use your breast milk on your nipples to help with the cracked nipples and find a comfortable feed position even laying down can be better. And just remember your doing a great job by your baby what ever happens in the future with the feeding 🙂 Bree
  • Wow sounds like you’ve been hit with it all. I just had attachment issues and abraised nipples which started when I was in hospital. I then used nipple shields from when she was 3 days old and the lactation consultant said not to use for long, a week max. I used for 3 months LOL! Couldn’t bear it without. Last month of them I would interchange with and without which gave my nipples a bit of a break until I felt comfortable . Bubs never had any probs attaching to the breast straight away without them when I was done. I know how it feels but don’t give up, it will get better soon xo Amanda
  • I’d say by about 3months, my DS is tongue tied so was very painful too 🙁 as someone already said the rite aid gel disks are AMAZING and you can keep them in the fridge to keep them cooler- the reason you’d wash your boobs before nursing while using them is just because they’re just cooling gel pads- they don’t actually absorb your milk too much lol so you don’t want bub having old milk 😉 well worth a try! stick with it Hun it’s worth it! ♥ Teanna
  • I found the first 3 months were a write off… Hang in there Nicole
  • First 8 weeks were hard work, I had raynauds phenonmen (like vasospasms) &was in a lot of pain, in tears most nights..but I was determined to keep going and thank goodness it got easier.. Hang in there, u r doing amazingly, it will get better soon! One day (or one feed even) at a time 🙂 ps. i am still bf my 1year old now &it is pure bliss 🙂 LOVE IT!!!! Kylie

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