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Three things I wish someone had told me in that first year

First year with baby – 3 things I wish I knew


Find solace with three simple tips to get you through the first year with baby.

newborn skin conditions

Newborn skin conditions


Newborn skin conditions explained by Baby Hints and Tips resident GP.

Antenatal class 101

Antenatal class 101


‘Open cervix, open mind’ … it’s all in Antenatal Class 101.

Vitamin K for newborns

Vitamin K for newborns


Find out why a vitamin K injection for your newborn is a very wise decision.

Books and gift ideas for baby

Books and gift ideas for baby


Accessorise a classic children’s book and you have the perfect baby shower or newborn baby gift.

It gets easier

It gets easier …


Need a quick pick-me-up? Read on for a highly amusing (and a little bit naughty) take on the parenting catch-cry, IT GETS EASIER.

jaundice in babies

Jaundice in babies


With the help of our resident GP, Baby Hints and Tips takes a closer look at jaundice in babies. Find out the causes, symptoms and treatment of jaundice.

when will my milk come in after a c section

When will my milk come in after a C section?


Q&A: When will my milk come in after having a C section?

Awake times: tips to avoid an overtired baby

Baby awake times: avoid an overtired baby


Baby awake times are an overlooked, but crucial component of establishing positive sleep habits. Find expert guidance on suitable awake times for babies of different ages.

how to get baby to take bottle

How to get baby to take bottle


Q&A: I breast feed my 14week old son. I express milk for him and now he won’t take it from a bottle. How do I get him to take a bottle again?

breastfeeding twins

Breastfeeding twins


Q&A: Just after some others experience on breastfeeding twins. I was going to go straight to formula but the doctor recommended giving them colostrum what have others done?

Gifts to welcome newborn baby

Gifts to welcome new baby


Q&A: What are your go-to gifts to welcome new baby, other than the usual clothes, ?

What To Expect With A Newborn


What to expect with a newborn. Routines, feeding and sleep for your new baby

Introducing dogs to babies

Introducing dog to baby


Q&A: Does anybody have any advice on introducing dog to baby? We have a lovely natured 18month old staffy but he’s still very playful. He’s great with bigger children but I’m apprehensive about introducing him to the baby

Struggling mum: overcoming feelings of loneliness and isolation after baby arrives


Q&A: How did people overcome the loneliness and isolation?

Keeping Sick Family Away From Your Newborn


Q&A: How do you politely encourage friends and family with sick children to stay away from you and your newborn?

Baby apps suggestions to track feeds, sleep and nappy changes


Q&A: Just wondering if there are any recommendations on free baby apps for my phone to record a newborns feeding that covers breastfeeding, formula and expressed milk? Would be an added bonus if it has sleep and nappy recording

Keeping baby awake while breastfeeding


Q&A: I was after tips on how to keep my baby awake while breastfeeding? She latches for about 5 minutes and then sleeps. Then when I move her she wakes and I have to settle her before we try again.

{REVIEW} Urban Mumma Maternity clothes


Product Review: Kristin reviews Urban Mumma clothing with her pregnancy bump

dads and newborns

Dads and Newborns: How To Connect


If you’re a brand new Dad finding it difficult to connect with your newborn, you’re not alone. It’s an extremely common way to feel in the first month or two, …

Being intimate when you have a newborn


Q&A: I am really struggling to be intimate with my OH now I’m a Mum. I still think he is amazing & nothing about him has changed, it’s how I see myself. I don’t see my body as sexual now even though I know my partner sees me that way. How can I overcome this?

Coping with being unable to Breastfeed


Just wondering how other mums handled feeling like a failure for not being able to breast feed? It was really important to me but due to poor supply I have …

The Book


“I remember vividly being pregnant with my first child and wandering through a bookshop looking for some special books to add to my baby’s room.  It was here that I stumbled across my first ‘baby routine’ bestseller.  As I flicked through the pages, I decided it couldn’t hurt to take it home and educate myself on ways to make the transition to motherhood as smooth as possible…”

Newborn with a Toddler Routine


Community Tips: Newborn with a Toddler Routine – parents share their experience with finding the best routine for their new baby and a toddler.

toddler with newborn twins

Tips for Newborn Twins with a Toddler


Q&A: Just after anyones ‘thank god I was told this!’ tips for looking after newborn twins and a toddler who will be almost 2 when they’re born.

New Baby Girl Gift Inspiration


Q&A: I am Looking to buy a gift for a new baby girl who has 3 older sisters. Something useful/different around the $30-$40 mark.

Breastfed vs Formula


Q&A Breast versus formula has been long debated, what’s your thoughts? In this day and age is one really better than the other?

What guarantees breastfeeding success?


About 95% of mothers want to breastfeed their babies however, by the time their baby is 3 months of age many are mix feeding or have stopped breastfeeding ….so how can women be more informed, more prepared to give themselves the best chance at success?

Newborn routine


Q&A: I have been told to follow the routine feed play sleep.. My ds is 5 weeks and many times he will fall asleep whilst feeding. Should I be waking him up to play or do I let him take the lead? Anyone else had this happen and what did you do?

circumcision in baby boy

Where to get circumcised in Australia


Q&A: I’m looking for doctor recommendations around Australia for circumcision. My husband wants our new son circumcised but we live in a state that won’t do it until baby is 1. I don’t want people’s opinions on it, I’m looking for recommendations only, from people who have used a good doctor. Willing to travel anywhere to see a good doctor with a good procedure