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3 Simple Christmas Crafts for Young Children

3 simple Christmas crafts for young childrenThe lead-up to Christmas provides the perfect opportunity for crafting with little ones.  However, finding activities simple enough for small hands and short attention spans can sometimes be tricky.  Here are 3 simple Christmas crafts which are not only suitable for toddlers, but also look fairly impressive too, without the need for a truckload of glitter or loads of patience…

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1. Potato print gift wrapping

Potato printing is one of the simplest crafts for young children and the perfect way to let them make gift wrap which still looks stylish.  For toddlers, stick to a basic tree outline that you have carved onto half a small potato or piece of carrot (a size which is easy for little hands to grasp).  Basically, you are cutting away the outside of your tree shape about half a centimetre deep.  Give them a tray with one colour of paint (acrylic is best) that has been squirted onto a sponge (into which it is easier for them to press the potato) and let them stamp away all over a large piece of plain paper.  Encourage them to spread out their stamps and to then fill in the gaps.

For pre-school children, make a simple leaf shaped potato stamp and have them print leaves together in pairs using green paint.  Once dry, a cotton bud dipped in red paint (no need for the sponge for this step) can be used to easily stamp three red berries together alongside each set of leaves to create lovely holly designed wrapping paper.3 simple Christmas crafts for young children

2. Christmas tree gift tags

Let your toddler paint away to his or her heart’s content with a medium sized brush and green paint on plain white or kraft cardstock. Scribbly baby paintings are perfect for this activity (think large, messy brushstrokes). Once dry, trace Christmas tree shaped outlines repeatedly over the painting (simply print a design onto card and cut out to make a template), making sure to use parts of your child’s painting that are not solidly coloured in for visual impact. Punch a hole in the top to attach string, write a message on the back and use as homemade gift tags that will look super cute on the presents under your Christmas tree.

3 simple Christmas crafts for young children

3. Christmas tree cards

For a simple handmade Christmas card that little one’s can make, cut a basic triangular tree shape from green paper (or provide an outline and let your child do this step themselves if they are older and can confidently use scissors).  Have them glue it into the middle of a pre-folded blank white card and attach ‘decorations’ using either a handful of stickers or adhesive shapes (the foam ones shown here came from a discount store).  Young children may need help taking the backing off stickers.  Complete with a star on top. Do not worry if the tree isn’t glued on straight or if the stickers aren’t spread out evenly, as this will only add to the handmade look of this card.

3 simple Christmas crafts for young children


And there you have it.  Three super simple Christmas crafts that even toddlers can try using materials you are likely to already own or can easily find.

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