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Best Christmas gifts for babies

Christmas is less than a month away – and it can be tricky to find Christmas gifts for babies. Here are some fabulous and practical ideas for Christmas gifts for babies.

Hooded towel and swimmers

This is a great practical Christmas gift for babies of any age. Hooded towels are worth their weight in gold when you want to get baby dried off quickly and even for discrete nappy changes on the beach. If you are thinking of doing swimming lessons for your baby, both of these gifts will be used on a weekly basis! If you have a pool, you might want to get some more swimming accessories like floaties or a beach bag packed with sunscreen.

Christmas gifts for baby

Books to read

Books are a wonderful gift for children of any age, babies included! Books end up being treasured items on book shelves for years to come. You can go for a box set to build up their first book collection or just pick a few of your favourites. This is a great gift idea to give every year to grow your child’s collection and their love of reading too.

Start a collection

Baby’s first Christmas is the perfect time to start a new tradition! Why not start a collection of something special that you can add to each Christmas. You might pick something like small ornaments to be displayed in their bedroom, or something to play with like little Schleich figurines. Whatever it is, your child will grow to look forward to adding their special yearly token to their collection as they grow.

Personalised gifts

Now that your baby is here and their name is established, Christmas is the perfect excuse to get some personalised gifts made. You can do anything from little lunch boxes and drink bottles to embroidered towels, place mats, story books, growth charts, clocks, money boxes, a quilt and more!

A family outing

Instead of physical gifts, tickets to something that the whole family can enjoy together makes for a great Christmas gift for babies. It could be an event or a visit to somewhere like a zoo – somewhere that you can all go together and create family memories.

Starting Christmas Traditions with a New Baby


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