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4 Tips and creative ideas for photographing your child

by Kate O’Brien from Kate Veronica Photography

You don’t have to own a fancy big camera to have a bit of fun and get creative when photographing your kids.  You can create some beautiful images that are frame-worthy just by using a few simple techniques.  Here are some creative ideas and tips for photographing your children.

1. Keep it simple

3 photos of baby on lamb skin rug

Lay a pretty rug or blanket on the floor and shoot from above.  Put the rug right near a large window and you can get some gorgeous natural light.  Turn your camera flash off and just use the window light.  Shoot from the same distance and angle while getting different facial expressions.  You can create a gorgeous wall series out of the best images.  Choose 3 or 5 (odd numbers work well) to print and frame together in a simple but stylish collection.

2. The ol’ sheet on the hills hoist trick

Boy sitting in front of sheets hung from clothesline

Uncluttered, non-distracting backgrounds often make for more aesthetically pleasing photos.  Hang a plain white sheet and some bunting on your clothes line.  Set up a little chair in front and hey presto, you have yourself a mini outdoor studio.  Wait until the sun has gone down mostly behind the trees and houses so that your child is fully in the shade and not squinting.

3. Catch them unawares

boy playing in the garden

boy in the bathroom

Children at play in their natural environment are at their happiest.  You don’t always have to get a looking-at-the-camera smile to make a photo beautiful.  Catch your kids when they are playing, sneak up on them when they don’t know you have a camera and click away.  Set up an activity for them to concentrate on, like gardening or playing with play-dough.  You could create a beautiful story-book album of your family just doing everyday stuff.  Don’t forget to capture the little details as well.

4. Change perspectives

boy looking up at camera

boy in a field

boy playing on a rug

Move around!  I can’t stress this enough.  Shoot from different perspectives and angles to steer away from a boring composition.  Get down low to your child’s level or right down on the ground or really high above them (use a chair or step ladder).  Think outside the box and don’t be afraid of looking silly.


kate veronica bio portraitKate O’Brien is the Brisbane based creative behind Kate Veronica Photography. She lives in a quiet Brisbane suburb with her husband Michael, their 2 year old son (Hayden) and a Cavoodle named Neo.  Specialising in family, pregnancy and lifestyle newborn portraits you can find more of her work here or stalk her on Facebook.


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