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Newborn photgography

Photographer’s Tips for a Newborn Photography Session

If you have seen those gorgeous newborn shots of babies sleeping contently and you’re wondering just how it’s done, Newborn Photographer, Elle Goss from Always Belle Photography shares her top …

5 tips for better photos

5 Tips for Better Photos of Children

5 tips for better photos of your children. Including simple backgrounds for your happy snaps and lots more ideas to get that perfect shot

amazing birth photos

Amazing, heart-stopping birth photos by Laura Elie

Amazing birth photos that capture the pure emotion of birth and will make you reflect on your birth experience or imagine what birth would be like

4 Tips and creative ideas for photographing your child

You don’t have to own a fancy big camera to have a bit of fun and get creative when photographing your kids.  You can create some beautiful images that are frame-worthy just by using a few simple techniques.  Here are some creative ideas and tips for photographing your children.

taking photos with your phone

How to take awesome photos with your phone

Our resident daddy blogger, Chris, shares some tips for taking great photos on your smart phone. No more diving for the camera in the bottom of the bag to capture that first step or cute face.