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5 Cool Summer Treats for Baby and Beyond

cool summer treatsIn the cooler months, treats are easy to make and are delicious when they are warm, particularly if you are ‘Baby Led Weaning’ (BLW). In summer as it is warm, treats are best if they are cool. So here are five of my favourites for my under one year old* to test out this summer! Be warned, this could get messy!

Frozen Banana Ice Cream

Grab a banana or two and freeze overnight. The next day put it in the blender and you have made ice cream. If your little one has discovered their love of self-feeding, let them do the work; if not grab a spoon and feed them. Don’t be shy, grab a bowl for yourself too!

Green Smoothies

Grab some spinach, water, banana and frozen mango (roughly one cup of everything). Add it all into the blender and blend until it is smooth. My little one loves my smoothies and I never get to finish them all to myself.

Watermelon Ice Blocks

Blend up a watermelon with a little of water then poor into ice cube trays (then you can add these to a mesh feeder) or into an ice block tray. Deliciously cool.

Yoghurt Dips and Fruit

Provide a little bowl with some yoghurt with some fruit such as strawberries, mango or banana for your little one to dip and eat as they please.
Variation: Mash the fruit into the yoghurt and spoon feed (or allow them to explore the yoghurt with their hands)

Mini Frittata

Whip up some egg and add in some veggies (peas, corn, potato, broccoli, carrot, etc are perfect). Cook in cupcake trays (mini or normal sized) and cool in the fridge.

Variation (suitable for those eating lumps): Whip the egg + add in blended veggies. Cook as described above, although when feeding to your baby break off into chunks for them to eat.

* Please note: These suggestions are mainly made for those that are ‘Baby Led Weaning’ where your child is devouring foods not solely purees. Suggestions have been made where possible for those exploring purees solely.

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Carly is a new mumma to her daughter Scarlett. She is an Early Childhood Teacher who loves working with the under three year olds and has been blogging since 2008. Carly is busy with her own business, Little Lettie Boxes, during the day when Scarlett is sleeping. She currently finds the time to update her blog Life Will Never Be The Same on weekends and will always post photographs to her instagram account.


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