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Snack Ideas For A Hot Day

snack ideas for a hot dayJust wondering if you could give me ideas on baby snacks for a 10 month old during the day that can withstand the heat. We are travelling to Queensland for a week and will be out at the theme parks a lot and not sure what to pack in babies lunch box.

  • If you have a cooler bag with a frozen block you should be able to take anything you like. Tanya
  • You can get small (6 can) soft Eski insulated bag things from Bunnings and Coles. Put a couple of ice blocks in and then store whatever food u like. Pouches of yoghurt freeze well and will add another layer of cold to the Eski. Sandwiches, fruit, cheese, finger food veggies etc will all be fine for a day trip. Amanda
  • get a cooler lunch bag,¬†stuff will stay cold like in a fridge for 8 hours, best investment then you can pack anything you would normally give them Lesley
  • You can buy food pouches from woolies that only contain fruit and nothing else. It’s all sealed up so it doesn’t need to go in a fridge until it’s open. The brand is Raffertys garden. Annie
  • Cruskits are great for eating. Chop up some carrot sticks, cucumber sticks, any raw veggies are fine when washed Elecia
  • Bananas, muesli bars (baby ones), crackers, sultanas. You can get pouches from Coles fruit and veg. We use a lot of pouches when we camp – they aren’t terrible and if you generally feed bubs pretty well they don’t hurt as an occasional thing Michelle
  • Sandwiches, fruit, biscuits, just get a lunchbox with a compartment for ice block Rachael
  • Teething rusks, milk arrowroot biscuits, cruskits Sharon
  • Get an insulated lunch box and pop a little ice brick in there and pack whatever you like I do it all the time and it stays cool all day Shanna
  • have an ice pack and eat the things that need to be cold first then everything also freeze half water in baby cup and other non frozen so uts cold Kirsty
  • Little sammies i did solgers and cut them in half (no crust) at 10 months old they can have peanut butter. But we also did pesto. Humous. Marmite. Or even just butter. Also at 10 months old things like blue berrys. Bannana (keep it in the skin till u get there). Grape halves. Mellon. Depending on where they are at with their eating. U could do nutragrain? (My boy ate solids pritty early on) if they are not into solids yet bannanas are great. I used to pack a banana and a spoon and scrape the spoon over the bannana so it would b a mash (does that make sence?) U can also buy baby pouches that dont need to be kept cold untill opened and can ether let them suck it out or buy a spoon attachment so no need for a bowl! but if all that doesnt work head into kmart they have lunchbox sized chilly pads for $2 and ull be able to fit 3 or 4 into a ice compartment Tina
  • Ice blocks are the best thing to add to the lunch bag that way your fruits will stay cool. The sistema container brand sells yoghurt tubs which keeps them cold.¬†Avocado sandwiches are good, veg and butter isn’t bad, crackers Kathy
  • We are local and visit Dreamworld often, they have a parents room in wiggles world (where the little free play area for kids is (they also do a Dorothy the dinosaur show there) there is a microwave in there if you wish to take bubs lunch or even your own (we take frozen meals for bub and heat them) because the food is ridiculously expensive and really not very nice!! We manage to take yogurt and fruit etc just in a cooler bag with ice bricks and yogurt gets eaten for morning tea haha. Tamika
  • We just came back from QLD. I usually make my 10 month olds food and never give packaged things. However I trialled the Rafferty’s Garden fruit pouches before we left to make sure she liked them. In my opinion, these are the best as they don’t have any thing else added to them. I pop them in the fridge the night before then put them in her little lunch box with an ice block. Take things like sandwiches with cream cheese in it (laughing cow is best for this) or Vegemite as my daughter loves it! Cucumber with the skin off it and cherry tomatoes. Even things like cruskits as they melt in the mouth and don’t need to be kept cool. I left her meals such as meat until dinner because I knew I wasn’t moving her as much as at a theme park and didn’t have to worry about where I was heating it up. Some little snacks from the baby aisle are normally good too. Hope that all helps! Candice
  • Rafferty’s Garden stuff! Fruit packets, fruit snack sticks and Smoothys – all easy to take and my kids LOVE THEM Jacqui

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