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7 ways to get the most out of Pram Walking

7 ways to get the most out of Pram Walking

Why is pram walking so good? You already have a pram, so there will be no upfront cost. Your baby is with you – so no worrying, separation anxiety or juggling babysitting. You are getting out of the house each day – never underestimate how much difference this can make to a mum. You’re in that glorious fresh air and you will come home pumped with feel good endorphins. Kids enjoy it, babies often feel soothed by the rocking motion and you can even make it a social outing and meet up with other mums – adult conversation! Pram walking has also been shown to help dramatically reduce the symptoms of and even help prevent Post Natal Depression.


1. Get baby to love their pram. Make sure they are comfortable, not in the wind or with sun in their eyes, they can see you and are happy with positioning, sitting up or lying down etc (this can change day to day as well). Make sure they are well fed, have drinks and are warm or cool enough. If they cry always stop, pick them up, soothe and then resettle when they are happy so they feel safe in their pram. If you need to stop to breastfeed, do.

2. Keep them entertained. Toys, snacks, books, etcha sketches, drawing pads to draw what you see, singing songs together, talk to them, point out scenery, play I spy games with toddlers and change the locations of your walks to keep it interesting. You can also include a stop at a park in the middle so they can get out and run around and burn off some energy.

3. Be over prepared. Pack lots of food, drinks, spare nappies, spare hat, water for you, first aid kit etc. Whatever you might need so you can truly relax.

4. Switch off. Turn off your phone or don’t bring it with you make this an unplugged time of the day for you all.

5. Make it a work out. Add hills and resistance by pushing through grass, gravel or sand. Increase the distance you walk and walk with bigger strides and good posture. Try and quicken your pace each walk.

6. The more weight your pram can safely hold the more effort it is going to take to push as well.

7. Make it a family affair. Go for a daily walk as a family, older kids can ride scooters and bikes and are great motivators when you feel likely to skip your daily walk.


Rebecca Mugridge

Rebecca Mugridge is an Author, Horticulturalist, Blogger, Healthy Lifestyles Advocate, Recipe Creator, Mum and Author of The Pram Diet, an inspirational book by a mum for mums! From effective ways to lose that baby weight in a healthy, long term way including using what you already have at your disposal, your pram/stroller! To tasty recipes the whole family will love, ways to unleash your creative spirit, reduce stress; boost your self esteem and even expert advice on how to grow your own fresh, organic food at home! To see all of Rebecca’s articles, click here.

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