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American Women Just Saw Aussie Tampons, And They’re LOSING THEIR MINDS

It started out an average chat in the Women of Impact group on Facebook.  A new study found that menstrual products are now the fifth biggest contributor to plastic ocean waste and the women of impact began discussing the alternatives to tampons.

Wait.   What plastic?

Tampons without applicators in Australia

Plastic applicators are a thing and American women know no different

Tampon Shocks Americans

It turns out that in the US, ALL tampons come with applicators, and the majority of applicators are plastic.  There are a few cardboard ones, there are a few eco versions but mostly they’re all about the plastic.  

American women can’t even IMAGINE Australian tampons

“I don’t see how anyone could shove a piece of cotton up their HooHa without an applicator!”

HooHaa tampons

Where Aussies are lagging behind in tampon tech!

The menstrual cup (aka the Moon Cup) is a big thing in The States and FINALLY growing in popularity here in Australia.  While the American women chatting about the horror that is applicator-free tampons, they’re all on board for this economical little cup!

So, Aussie women – who ACTUALLY uses an applicator tampon?

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