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baby routine with school runBaby routine with school run

 I’m after some hints from mummies with baby’s and kids at school… My dd who’s 6 months is struggling with the school routine… 8.30 drop off 2.55 leave for pick up… She’s normally busting to go down at 8 and fast asleep at 3! Any hints?

  •  I’m in the exact same boat. What I do is put buns to sleep an hr early for a nap then down again at 3:30 after I get home from school. Good luck!!  Mimina
  •  Do you walk to school? My 3mo ds is a bit the same, so after his morning feed I just pop him in the pram to settle so I can get my 2 older girls to school in peace and quiet! In the afternoon, if he’s still sleeping at 2.15 I wake him, feed him and change by 3 so I can pick them up. On occasion, I make him 100ml of formula and prop that in his mouth with a rolled up blanket and walk to school.  Rachael
  • You really feel it once the bigger 1s start school hey mine were the same but now they hop up at 20 to 8 & have breakfast & I dress them (little 1s) then we do the morning drop off come home & my little 1 goes down at about 10.30 then she was normally asleep in the arvo so I started letting her sleep then & just placing her in the pram ( if she was really tired she would stay asleep otherwise she would wake up & go down a bit later) it gets easier once they’re used to it gl.  Beck
  •  I’m behind msg 3. We have to drive to school unfortunately yes you definitely feel it when you have to follow school times rigidly and the poor little ones just have to go along with it.  Fiona
  •  Try and get into a good routine that works and stick to it. I was having the same probs with my twins, but it got easier. Also do you have someone, your childs friends mum maybe who you could call on if your lo is asleep in the afternoon?  Mandy
  •  Is it easy enough to walk? If you put bubs in the pram at the normal time you wont have to disturb him/her. Otherwise, drive most of the way to school then walk the rest of the way, putting bubs in the pram again. Bubs gets a sleep and everyone else gets some exercise. If theres a park, even better! The big kids can have a play!  Emma
  •  I get my 4 month old up at 7/7:30 feed her then get my other 3 ready for school. We leave a by 8:30 and are home by 9. My dd goes straight to bed and will sleep until 11/11:30. Then we fed and play until around 1. She then goes back to bed and I get her up at 3 to do pick up. We are back by 3:30 for her next feed. She then has a short nap around 4:30. After our dinner at 6 we start our bedtime routine, bath, milk, bed around 7:30. Goodluck, the first few weeks are the trickiest but it does get easier.  Kristen

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