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parent teacher interviews

Parent Teacher Interviews: Questions to Ask

Are you wondering what’s the best questions to ask at parent teacher interviews? Us too!  We’ve asked a teacher (and mum to three) with over 15 years experience her advice …

Starting school

Should I send my child to school or hold them back?

If you have a child whose birthday falls anywhere from January – July, then you are sure to be wondering when the best time to send them to school is. …

Educational resources for kids

Educational resources to try at home

The school year has well and truly started and homework is back on the menu. We thought we would share some of the fabulous educational resources we have discovered that …

First day of kind ideas

8 adorable first and last day of kindy ideas

School is back and we have all the inspiration you need for recording those school milestones from the first day of kindy to the last day of year 12.

Preschool changes behaviour, not the brain

Preschool changes behaviour, not the brain

Need a strong argument for play-based learning in preschool. Read on.

7 Ways to a Stress Free School Term

Stress Free School Term – 7 tips to minimise your stress and get organised this school year.

anxiety starting school

Dealing With Anxiety Starting School

Tips for managing anxiety starting school. Tips to manage anxiety, who to talk to and useful resources to help transition your child smoothly into school life

Five HOT Teacher Gift Ideas from $5 to $50

5 Teacher Gift Ideas from $5 to $50 that teachers actually want. We went to the teachers themselves and we have what they want and don’t want in a range of budgets

How To Prepare For School

How To Prepare For School – Getting your kids ready for starting school can be a major challenge. So here are 5 tips to help your children ready to start school.

child too sick for daycare

When to keep a sick child at home?

Expert tips: GP, Melissa, shares a guide for when a child is too sick for day care or school. And tips on when you should take your child to a doctor.

Opinion: When School Rewards Go Bad

Opinion: When School Rewards Go Bad – Merit without Merit Retired teacher, mother and grandmother Deirdree Wallwork discusses the modern culture of behaviour incentives in school and ponders whether we’re rewarding …

crying at school drop off

Ending Crying At School Morning Drop Off

Expert tips: Tears at school drop off? Lynn, a teacher, shares some tips to help with ending crying at school drop off

baby routine with school run

Babies and School Routine

Q&A:  I’m after some hints from mummies with baby’s and kids at school… My dd who’s 6 months is struggling with the school routine… 8.30 drop off 2.55 leave for pick up… She’s normally busting to go down at 8 and fast asleep at 3! Any hints?