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Community Tips: Parents share their experience with anxiety and stress as babies due date arrives. Mum is ready to meet baby but feeling a lot of physical discomfortMy baby’s due date is today and not much is happening. I am so ready to meet my baby. I’m becoming rather anxious and stressed out cause I’m in a lot of discomfort. Just wanted to hear other mums experiences with waiting that last little bit and how quick it happened once they started to dilate.

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  • my sister went 13 days over her due date Molly
  • I hear you honey. I ended up being induced at 42 weeks because my little darling refused to come out! But don’t worry, just try and relax and rest as much as possible and prepare for your impending arrival! If you have to be induced, it’s not the end of the world Elsa
  • Full term is anything from 38-42 weeks so you could be a while off ywt. Enjoy the last few days of the journey coz nothing will be the same again good luck Nicole
  • My 2nd and 3rd baby were 5 and 8 days overdue. I was not dilated at all at 40 weeks with them. Active labour was only 3.5 hours and 2.5 hours. Pretty quick. Amie
  • I was dilated to 2 and 50% effaced three weeks before my due date. Was in pre labour and experiencing random bouts of contractions that would lead to nothing. My bub was born 5 days after my due date and when I got to hospital I was fully effaced and 4cm dilated before contractions even started. That being said I was in proper active labour for only three hours before she was born. I started out doing everything I could to try and encourage her out. All the old wives tails for kick starting labour (except castor oil) and I found because I spent so much time concentrating on it, I was going crazy! So I decided to go on about every day life without thinking about when she was coming ALL the time. Distract yourself. Go out for a hot chocolate, make plans with friends etc. it makes time go a lot faster and lessens the anxiety. Steff
  • Try not to stress. Bubs will come when they are ready. Both my girls arrived after their due dates. 10 days and 11 days. 1st I was induced the night before I gave birth (waters broken next day 19 hour labour) and second I was induced same day (waters broken and 1 hour 16 mins from time contractions started mildly) . I know its uncomfortable in those end days and the waiting is the worst but you will be holding your bub within the next couple of weeks. Catriona
  • get walking Anastasia
  • I was 41+1 when my daughter was born. The night before my water broke my partner and I had sex, seemed to work! Goodluck and try not to stress. They’ll come when ready Kat
  • Like you and probably every new mum out there I was totally ready for bubs to come and played the waiting game. My dd was 5 days late in the end. I went into labour and things moved fairly quickly. First contraction at 10pm 3×10 mins apart then just got quicker from then on. Total labour was 10.5 hrs. But EVERYONES labour and experience will be different including same person different pregnancies. I was already 4cm dilated when I got to the hospital just after midnight so only 2 hours into labour. Good luck and relax while you can or clean (that can get things moving bounce on an excercise ball, drink raspberry leaf tea but in the end bubs will come when bubs wants too Nicole
  • How slow do those last week’s go?! I was 41+1 when I had my daughter and so ready for it to be over! I was told I would be induced a few days after my last appt and baby was nowhere near ready to make her entrance! She must have heard that cause I got home that night and my waters broke! From waters breaking to being born it was 17hours. 10 hours of active labour. 1st babies could take a while and everyone is different Expect the unexpected and good luck Colleen
  • My due date came and left and my boy ended up being 10 days over and I was induced once I was induced, my little man came after 2hrs 40min and I went from 2cm dilated to 10cm dilated in 10 mins. But everyone is different Jamiie
  • Try not to worry about dates. Babies can’t tell time, and due dates are very general, so a few days here or there means very little. Try to relax and let things happen in their own time. Labour begins when you are relaxed. No matter how uncomfortable you are, babies are a lot easier to look after on the inside, so try to keep some perspective Emma
  • with ddw she was 11 days late and every day over felt like 1 month. all i can say is keep busy..bub will come when they r ready. and dur dates arent exact.. but when she did come she came quick! 3hr labour and she shot out! she is my 2nd though Ashlea
  • It will all be a distant memory soon. Watch movies, cook, use a heatpack for aches and pains and drink green tea. Goodluck Bek
  • I’m not due until early December but I’m getting anxious as we don’t know gender until we have a repeat scan in 2wks Steph

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