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Babies room temperature

What is the recommendation for a babies room temperature  to sleep at night and with what kind of pajamas, sleeping bag, blankets, etc?

babies room temperature 18 to 20oC is the ideal room temperature

  • About 18 -20 degrees is good. My daughter is a hot kid but in winter she wears long sleeves & pants & a couple of blankets. I always check on her to see if shes not too hot or too cold. Stacey
  • The “books” say 18-20 but my 1 year old’s room has always been at 24 Lori
  • 18-20 degrees, clothing wise I think a good rule is one extra layer to what your wearing while they’re babies. Amelia

Baby needs warmer than standard recommendations

  • Well they say that babies room temperature between 16 – 20 degrees Celcius is ideal but I think that is far too cold! Even the tog recommendations are out, I find that if I follow them my son still freezes his little bum off! I understand the dangers of overheating but baby wakes up sometimes from being too cold so I have my own guidelines. I think between 23 – 24 degrees is perfect to put my bub in a long-sleeved legless cotton onesie and a 1.0 tog, 25 – 27 a short-sleeved onesie and anywhere above that he stays in the short sleeves but goes in a 0.5 tog. Winter nights (between 18 – 20 degrees) he goes in full long sleeves and 2.5 tog. We have never been below 18 degrees because I keep the temperature of his room stable with a column heater. Mai

Other suggestions

  • I use the Love to Dream Inventa sleeping bags (I have 2 of each 1.0 and 2.5 TOG) and use their guidelines. Liana
  • Get a Gro egg that way you know what the temp should be and how warm it currently is. Bri
  • 16°-20° (source: NHS) Amara

What temperature is your baby’s room? What do they sleep in? Share below

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