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Baby measuring ahead at Pre-Natal visits

Baby measuring aheadIm 24+4 with bub no 3 but measuring at 26cm. Has anyone else experienced this?

  • I’m currently 36 weeks pregnant with my 3rd bubs and my tummy is measuring at 46 weeks!! Have measured ahead the whole pregnancy Chantal
  • I’m 26+3 and measuring at 36cm. It’s not so much baby is big, it’s just my stomach is big. I have a 14 month old and didn’t lose the baby weight before I got pregnant again. Leanndra
  • I measured bigger my entire pregnancy, he was born at 7lbs 3.3oz. Christina
  • I am 32cm and and 31wks almost Steph
  • all four of mine measured bigger. My last one was measuring 48cm at 40 weeks. We did go 10 days over though and he ended up being 10lbs 11oz and 64cms long. Don’t worry too much though, it’s not the only indicator they use and you’re not too far along. It generally evens out the further you get. Nichole
  • I always measured 2-3 cm bigger with my 1st pregnancy, told I was having a big bub and had a 6lb 1oz. Measured 4cm bigger throughout my 2nd pregnancy and was told I would have another small one again and he came out 8lb 8oz. Their measurement is nothing to go off, it’s always inaccurate. Jade
  • First pregnancy I measured 2cms bigger the whole way and 2 weeks ahead in ultrasounds. Had a tiny 6 pounder at 39 weeks.
    This time I measured 28cms!!! At my 22 week check but at my 26 week check I still measured 28. They definitely got it wrong at 22 weeks because clothes that fitted then don’t fit now! I get an extra ultrasound just to check on the baby anyway but I’m not really concerned by the size, what will be will be! Kelsi
  • i was told i was going to have a whopper baby due to gestational diabetes but my little girl was 6lb13oz born at 38wk1d Tanaya
  • I’m 27 weeks and I’m measuring 24cm I bearly have a belly bt when I do I have been measured at 25 Dr doesn’t seamed worried but have to see him every 2 weeks cause being high risk Kaleena
  • I was told by the midwives you can be 1 or 2 cm with side and it’s normal Beth
  • I’m 33 weeks with polyhydramnios and measuring 40cm. You can be 2-3 cm either way and have nothing to worry about, fundal height is just a guide Hayleigh
  • I was measuring 2-3cm bigger every time with my bub, and she was 8lb 11oz. They were quite accurate with measurements etc. Lauren
  • Yes, second baby, 2cms bigger from about 30 weeks. 8lb 4oz baby. First baby measured perfectly the whole pregnancy, 7lb 3oz baby. Bethany
  • I measured 3cm bigger with my first bub and he was born 8lb 6oz. Means nothing Stacy
  • I measured bigger most of my checks and she was 6lbs 10.5 oz. Helen
  • Yeah it’s normal, comes down to bubs position as well. I fluctuated from appointment to appointment dead on for the week to 3cm ahead and then my boy came out at 40wks at 7ibs15oz, so within the average range Amelia
  • Completely normal and doesnt necessarily mean a bigger bub. I measured 3 – 4cm ahead on my 2nd pregnancy once I hit 20wks and bubs arrived 2wks early 7p3oz so not large at all..and in consecutive pregnancies as the skin has already been stretched before it can make that measurement a bit out (from what my dr/ob said) and that makes sense lol Vanessa
  • was always measuring 2 weeks bigger with both my boys. They were both 9+ pound babies Annette
  • My LO always measured bigger by a couple cm. was born at 7lb Catie
  • Yes I was told I was having a very big baby. He was born 6 pounds Kiri
  • I have measured 2-4cm bigger with each pregnancy. Its nothing to be concerned about Rochelle
  • yes, I measured 2-4+ wks ahead with all of my kids. didn’t mean anything at all. Jenna
  • I measured at least 3cm behind with most of my pregnancy (opposite I know) but I really think it is no indication as my baby was 8 pound 6 so def not really small or anything. I wouldn’t worry about it! Janine
  • My belly measured bigger which was the first indication of having gestational diabetes, by 37 weeks I was measuring 45 weeks, I was diagnosed at 33 weeks though with gestational diabetes and he was estimated to be about 5 pounds at 34 weeks and I gave birth at 37 weeks, he was 8lb 15! That’s not to say you’re the same though Megan

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