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Baby Refusing Solids

baby refusing solidsI have a 5 month old son who has been on solids since 4m and as of a few days ago he seems to be refusing to eat. He will be starving but won’t eat he only wants a bottle. Do I just give him bottles or do I keep trying with food as well? One very stressed mumma right now!

  • milk first then food until about 10 months old. Give bub the bottle before and top up with food. Sally
  • Sounds like teething! Don’t stress keep offering milk as much as bub wants and he will go back to eat once he’s better.. Ellane
  • Milk is most important over solids until after 12 months! My 7mth DS is a great eater so far but cut his first tooth a few weeks ago & had a virus over Christmas & both times didn’t want his food. Just offer milk as much as they want & they will go back to solids when they’re better! Dion
  • It might be teething, my son only wants to nurse right now and he is a year with tooth 5 coming in. Chewing might be to bothersome to your son and the bottle is soothing to him. He is only 5 m, I know I haven’t fed my child solids before 6m. And they were strictly formula fed or my son just bf. Don’t stress to hard mama. Meagen
  • My DS is 13 months and a great eater but when he’s teething eats very little. Could bub be teething? Frozen berries or grapes in a mesh feeder can help soothe their gums. Just offer the food but if he doesn’t want to eat it try not to stress and just move on. Beth
  • Don’t stress, at that age they don’t need food, it’s on,y for fun. If you stress it will make it more difficult for bubs. Just do it gradually, and look up baby led weaning and wait til he is 6 mths and try again. Missy
  • I would just give them a bottle. Give milk before food at that age, till atleast 7-8months. Then try food after, but don’t worry about it too much, they are still young. Sonya
  • I would back of food a just give the bottle. I have a nearly 4 1/2 month old and just slowly introducing food once a day. ( Plays more with it with her tongue)My first was 6 months when I introduced foods. I would worry to much. Donna
  • Is it possible he is teething? Could be in pain? Jo
  • He’s prob just a bit young to start, try again later when he’s more interested. Eventually he will, there’s no rush Rebecca
  • Food before 1, is just for fun!!! If all bub wants is milk. Give it to them. Courtney
  • His probably teething. See if he’ll maybe chew on an icy face washer. If so then his just teething and will get his appetite back soon. My 2 boys had teeth at 4 weeks and 8 weeks so never too early to teethe Cara
  • Totally normal! Unfortunately u will come across this a lot in the future! At 5 mths it’s most prob teeth! Formula or breast milk is more then nutritious enough for them at this age! U could also try giving them their food out of the fridge… Cool food soothes sore gums! Krystle
  • He may be teething dont stress whatsoever hun as long as he is having his bottles thats fine hes only young anyway so dont stress to much about food at that age Tori
  • My little girl did this at 6-7 months she was a great when we started solids at 4 months. She would only eat yoghurt for me at one stage I asked my GP about it he said as long as she was having her bottles he wasn’t concerned but he suggested still offering something apart from the yoghurt if she refused give her the yoghurt eventually she started eating again. Also keep in mind too with this hotter weather your bub may not feel like eating I find I don’t tend eat so much when it’s hot. Christie
  • Is he teething? My son refuses food when he is having a bad day with sore gums and when he’s just too tired to eat. Having a bottle has a comforting aspect to it aswell. Katerina
  • my dd went thru the same thing don’t stress to much as his bottles are still his main food source. Just offer foods you know he likes and don’t put the situation if he doesn’t want it. If not try feeding somewhere else or while he is playing it might just be he’s bored with where he’s eating. Kerrie
  • I introduced solids to my son about 4.5 months and have gone through the same thing. I still kept on trying giving him solid but only once a day. He had breast milk as his main source of food then when he hit 6 months mark! He just nailed all his food. Dont worry too much, yours will be up eating again soon Kritsanee
  • He could be teething, my kids always went off food while teething. I used bonjela and keept trying food and would puree there food up to a liquid consistency until they went back to regular eating. Joanne
  • Sounds like teeth. I’m not in the medical profession and it would probably be best to ask an expert but I would say go with what he wants. If it’s bottles for now then go with that. My LO is funny with teething. Sometimes off the bottle, sometimes off solids, but it never lasts. Louisa
  • I’d back off the food. Still offer it every now and then but let the bottles be main source of food. Angie

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