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Cutting multiple teeth at once

Baby cutting multiple teeth at once can be a hard time for the whole family.  Our resident dentist discusses the facts about teeth eruption and our community share how they knew when their baby was teething.

Community question: 

Our 20 week old is cutting multiple teeth at once with 4 teeth coming through and his gums are swollen in a few more places with even more. Has anyone else had so many come through at the same time?

baby cutting multiple teeth at once

  • Yes our lil man got his first 2 teeth at 4 months. At 7 months he had 3 top teeth come through in one day & the 4th came a couple of days later.  Everyone keeps saying it’s better to have multiple cut through at one time.. Tabby
  • Our first son did the same. Lots at once, and no real pattern. He had 3 coming thru at one point, just over a week after cutting his first two. There is no hard and fast for teething. Anything is normal. Alice
  • My almost 1 year old has been cutting 6 teeth at once. Lots of cold compresses, Panadol if required, lots of things to chew on. And often I haven’t realised why he has been so upset. Juanita
  • My little one gets most of hers in big groups. The first 2 came separately then the next 2 came together, then she got 6 in one go then 8 in the next lot She only has her 2yo molars to go I swear by the amber necklaces though! It truly made a difference Alicia
  • Yep, 2 bottom ones came in together, then the 2 top, then the next 2 at the top, all at about 6 months. She just got 2 more at the bottom a week before her first birthday. All her teeth came in pairs! Carly
  • We had 6 and they were cross cutting. Haven’t had anymore since they came through 3.5 months ago. Sarah-Jane
  • Yes, my little man had 8 cut through in the space of 5 weeks! It was a struggle. Thank god for Panadol! Delphine
  • My son cut 5 teeth at once followed closely by another 3…….wasn’t a fun time! Put a clean damp face washer in the freezer till it’s nice and cold then let chew on it. The cold will help the pain and the washer is soft so won’t hurt. Rhiannon
  • My baby seemed to be teething virtually from birth, she dribbled so much we had to keep plastic backed bibs on her. She got her teeth in groups of and had 12 teeth before she was a year old. If they seem like they’re teething they probably are and I’m a true believer in pain remedies, I kept her dosed up from when the pain was really bothering her until they were through and then after if required because sometimes the cutting is the easier bit and it’s the bit where they really start coming through that’s the painful time. Alex
  • My now 11 month old has all her teeth and cutting molars, each kid is different Alice
  • My son got 8 teeth in the span of 6 weeks starting at 4 months, once he was done he was fine and didn’t start teething again until he was nearly 15 months old. So he had a nice break—so did I. Hang in there it will end…and it is normal. Jillian
  • Yes my little grandson seemed to get 2-3 together and they all came thru close including molars. Thank god for Ashton and Parsons. Never a tear or temp. We just looked and saw them. Barbara

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  1. AvatarSara says:

    When my youngest son was 8 months he cut his first 2 and at 11 months cut 1 top molar now he’s 12 months and 5 top teeth are coming through! Argh, it’s stressful.

  2. AvatarDot says:

    My 13mo has just cut 9 teeth (1 bottom incisor, 4 canines and 4 first molars) all within the last 5 weeks. He is now dribbling and chewing on a finger like mad again and I’m hoping like anything that it isn’t his last molars. It’s been a super tough month!

  3. AvatarFatima says:

    My daughter cut her first cut her first two bottom teeth now at 14 months… With upper 2 tooth popping through gums… She is getting 4 teeth at same time… ✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽

  4. AvatarAmanda Jacques says:

    I have a 16mo and she has been taking teething like a champ!! She is getting both top and bottom first molars now…they started coming thri last week and the bottom ones are just about all the way thru…i am such a proud mother of my daughter for being strong.

  5. AvatarAzure says:

    my 18 month old daughter has just cut all 4 of her molars at once and has got a mouth infection. took antibiotics for a week as directed and her gums are still swollen and red with blisters on her tongue. shes not sleeping well or eating much and I’m 30 days away from have another baby and my husband is in the hospital with a brain injury please help me

  6. AvatarAmanda says:

    Our little girl (6 1/2 months) seems to have been teething for the past month. About 2 weeks ago, she became especially miserable and I noticed her bottom gum in the front was puffy, so I knew one was going to be cutting through soon. I checked a couple days ago and to my surprise, both bottom front teeth broke through at the same time. Our other kiddos were all one tooth at a time, teethers.

  7. AvatarNicole says:

    My son is now 6 months and still doesn’t sleep through the night. I’ll try to put him down for the night around 8/8:30 pm and he’ll wake up for a bottle between 11/12, then he’ll fall asleep an wake up round 1:45/2:30. So then I’ll pick him up an rock him to sleep then put him back down and he’ll sleep maybe another 2/3 hrs, then give him another bottle and he’ll sleep another 2/3 hrs an I’ll rock him again. He will then wake up round 5:30 for another bottle an pass out till around 6:30 where my other 2 children wake him up. My son is now cutting his first 2 bottom teeth not at the same time because one came n first then another shortly after, even though he’s cutting teeth and I’m sure his gums are sore he’s really not all that cranky due to pain ( which is good for me ) since I’m the only one who gets up with him. I’m just waiting for him to sleep all through the night the moment I put him down for the count and at least getting up by 6/6:30 am because my older 2 are usually up due to having to get ready for school, any suggestions that I could try to get him to sleep more then just a 3 hr period at a time ? Nikki

  8. AvatarSarah says:

    My son cut his first two teeth at 2 months and has had 5 more coming in at once. He is 6m old now and they’re all just about out of the gums fully but omg has my poor guy been unhappy and uncomfortable! This momma is tired. lol 2 bottom first at 2m. 4 up top and 1 on bottom next to the first 2 at 6m.