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Should my baby be sitting?

should my baby be sitting upShould I be worried that my 6 month old is not sitting up by himself yet?

  • I wouldn’t be.. My dd now 3, sat by herself at 6.5mths.. My DS now 7mths is still not. He does for a minute or two but pushes himself back just wants to stand all the time.. Just keep trying each day. They will get there. Good luck 🙂 Katherine
  • My girl didn’t til she was 8 months, they all do things different.  Nat
  • No. All babies develop at different rates. Your baby may be doing other things that some babies are doing at six months and vice versa. He will sit up eventually. Kylee
  • I wouldn’t worry my daughter was around 6 months when she started sitting. And then she crawled at 7 and was walking by 10. Every baby is different. Tam
  • My son sat unassisted at around 7 months, possibly 8. He crawled at 10 months (though army crawled at 5 months) and walked at 16 months. He’s 20 months now 🙂 Antoinette
  • Every baby is different. my daughter sat by 5 and crawled by 7 months and walked by a year old but a friends baby only started crawling a week before their first birthday. just goes to show the different times that they all develop. i wouldnt worry. he will do it when hes ready and strong enough to hold his weight up 🙂 Jessica
  • No, my son only started sitting up at 7 & half months, only rolled at 6 & half months is almost 9 months and isnt interested in crawling at all. He likes to stand but doesn’t pull himself up on furniture. He’s obviously just quite content with just doing sitting for the moment. They all do it in their own time try not to worry (easier said then done I know) 🙂 Lorenna
  • Mine was almost 1 before he could sit.  Ashley
  • No don’t worry too much my son didn’t sit until he was 10 mnths & shortly after he crawled 🙂 Gem
  • My daughter was sitting and rolling at 6 months but my son could roll at 3 months but took till about 7ish months to sit he was a big boy and had a big head lol. Melissa

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