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Baby’s First Christmas Gift Ideas

first christmas gift ideasJust after baby’s first Christmas gift ideas.

  • I got my son a build a bear. You can record your voice and put it inside so when they squeeze it, it will play your voice Erin
  • at that age they dont realy remember. Our 1st two children were 6mnths old and we got them 3 toys each and some clothes Donna
  • My daughter got a smartrike, she was 10 months and loved it Marleigh
  • Frugi organic cotton Xmas stockings (buy in Australia at www.babygiftworks.com.au) are a lovely first Xmas idea. They have a lovely range of eco-friendly baby gifts Kyla
  • My youngest is going to be 4months old so hes getting a couple of toys and the rest clothes Amy
  • We made a build a bear- kept it basic so it could be washed amd asthma proofed just in case. We were hoping the bear would become her favourite and we were right! Kellie
  • Wooden or plastic walker? They will need one before their first b’day. Genevieve
  • I bought my daughter a charm bracelet for her first Christmas. Every year I’ll add a charm and she can wear it when she’s old enough. We are also getting aunts/uncles/friends to put in and get her a playground that she can use for a few years. Linda
  • Our daughter was 6 months old for her 1st xmas. We got her a walker and toys and clothes. Our son will be 3 months so we are giving him toys and clothes. Kirsty
  • DD was 8mo yer first Christmas and I got her a bòok, a handmade romper and a musical play table – something to read, something to wear and something to play with. She will be 20mo this year and her sister will be 10weeks and I’m hoping to stick to this formula. Plus I’m buying them both a macrame swing for under the patio that they will both use Deb
  • We specialise in personalised toys. It’s the perfect gift for a babies first Christmas ♡ www.mikkiandme.com.au Liza

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What did your little one get for their first christmas? How old were they? Share below.

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